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Finding plants in our Colma Growing Grounds has never been easier

Finding plants in Colma | Pacific Nurseries

Many Bay Area Landscape Professionals frequently tell us that they enjoy discovering, selecting, and finding plants in our Colma Growing Grounds. This sprawling facility is the longest operating wholesale nursery in California.

Conveniently located on the Peninsula near highway 101 between San Francisco and San Jose, our growing grounds have evolved over the last 150 years to accommodate an ever-growing inventory of plants, propagation + plant development, special contract-grow requirements, and much more.

Within the many diverse areas of our wholesale nursery, we do our best to ensure the healthy growth of plants that are optimized for the micro-climates of the Bay Area.

Our Colma Growing Grounds are conveniently located on the San Francisco Peninsula | Pacific Nurseries

Finding plants in Colma Growing Grounds is easy

We recognize that your time is valuable and that there’s room for improvement in getting around our dispersed Colma Growing Grounds.

As a result, we’ve recently reorganized and rearranged many parts of our facility to make reviewing our selection of plants easier and more efficient for you. When our sales staff directs you to a location within the Colma Growing Grounds, we want you to simply get there to find the exact plants that you’re looking for.

What’s more, with the help of our partners at TeamworksCom, we’ve designed and implemented a new facility-wide signage program that offers many helpful benefits to Landscape Pros including:

  • | Identify the location of each unique area within the Colma Growing Grounds
  • | Easily navigate to a location when directed there by the sales staff
  • | Locate the plants that you’re looking for in each area with easy-to-see plant bed identifiers
  • | Comfortably get around to find plants, inspiration, and unusual specimens + sizes
  • | Know exactly where your plant order is in our Will-Call area
  • | Understand and avoid restricted areas where items are not for sale
The new signage throughout the nursery was designed to be highly visible and easy to read.

So whether you’re walking around or driving in a vehicle, you can have confidence in knowing where you are in our facility and how to get to where you need to go—safely and efficiently.
New Colma Growing Grounds signage | Pacific Nurseries
New signage will help you navigate through our Colma Growing Grounds + save time | Pacific Nurseries

Know where to go before you arrive

To compliment our new facility signage program, we’ve also developed detailed maps of all of the unique growing ground areas in Colma.

These detailed maps pinpoint each plant bed location with an alphanumeric identifier that is laid out simply and clearly. The result is you’ll be able to find the plants that you’re looking for in the place where they should be.

Colma Growing Grounds Maps | Pacific Nurseries
Find the plants that you’re looking for with our detailed Colma Growing Grounds maps | Pacific Nurseries
Our new facility-wide signage and complimentary facility maps work hand-in-hand to help you find the exact plants that you’re looking for in our wholesale nursery.

You can download the handy facility area maps just by clicking on the button below.

Or you can pick up a set of all of the Colma Growing Grounds Maps in our sales office by asking your customer service representative for them.

Serving Bay Area Landscape Pros since 1869

From one item to an entire installation, our seasoned nursery specialists are ready to work with you to answer questions about plants for your landscape project—including help in finding plants in our Colma Growing Grounds.

For over 150 years, Bay Area Landscape Pros have turned to us for our personalized service, expert advice, and an ever-growing selection of plants in over 40 acres of inventory that includes everything from the ordinary to the exotic.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we can provide just the right trees or native, water-wise plants that will make you look good to your customer and make your project a success.

It’s one of the many qualities that make us different from just an ordinary nursery
Plant Lists | Pacific Nurseries
Find your plants in our easy-to-use lists | Pacific Nurseries

Our easy-to-use lists can also help you find the plants that you’re looking for

If you want to know what’s in season and looking great right now for your project, check out our Prime Plant List. This popular plant list is a summary of items in prime seasonal condition and that are in limited supply.

Our large Growing Plant List also offers an alphabetized summary of everything that we’re growing right now along with available sizes. Every item in both of these regularly updated lists is ready for immediate purchase or delivery.

And if you need a Plant Material Estimate or would like to place a Plant Order, just click the button below to use our convenient ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

Let us know if these additions help you

We look forward to seeing you in the nursery soon. And if you have any feedback on how we can improve your experience at Pacific Nurseries, please share it with a comment below.

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