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Landscape Pro Referral

Local resources to help you buy plants from us.
Homeowners and others frequently ask us if they can buy plants from Pacific Nurseries. As a wholesale only nursery, we, unfortunately, have to tell them no. However, we would like to offer a valuable alternative.

Our Landscape Pro Referral List is a group of qualified Bay Area Landscape Professionals that can help property owners, managers, and other interested parties find a Landscape Pro in their geographic area.

This helpful resource is organized by Bay Area regions and provides all of the information that you need to contact a Landscape Pro directly.
If you choose to get in touch with one of these pros, they can help you evaluate their services and your individual landscape needs.

Pacific Nurseries is not recommending or rating any of the services provided by anyone in our Landscape Pro Referral List. And we are not responsible for the quality or cost of their work.

We are simply offering this Landscape Pro Referral List as a helpful, no-obligation resource that will help you find a Bay Area Landscape Professional that meets your needs. And if you choose to work with one of these pros, we would appreciate the opportunity to provide plants to the Landscape Pro for your project.

Find Your Landscape Pro

Click on your Bay Area Region below
First NameLast NameEmailPhone NumberWebsiteProject Example 377-9496 336-2624 532-6508 794-0664zenscape.comView Case Study
SarahStuckey 572-5665stuckeyscapes.comView Case Study
First NameLast NameEmailPhone NumberWebsiteProject Example 656-6207
Louis 218-4703 297-7349 948-4383
Mark 533-1356 298-9229 846-3342 686-6262 681-9006
Jean 336-1119View Case Study 652-4686 680-4793 238-3632 845-3596 424-1499 515-0194 730-4419 235-9993
First NameLast NameEmailPhone NumberWebsiteProject Example 280-2770 346-7158 533-3267 222-8136 333-5906 544-9519dworklandscape 333-9916
JulieSwiftwildnatives@gmail.com415.771.5554californiawildnatives.comView Case Study 389-4666 814-7493 444-9108 281-5703 563-9482 722-2141 544-0428 372-9104
J 444-8415 303-0489 784-3086 346-8459 520-1569 295-9629 343-4635 368-7949 580-6312
First NameLast NameEmailPhone NumberWebsite 601-8477 714-8894 923-3087 776-5930 683-0482 255-9602 280-2770
First NameLast NameEmailPhone NumberWebsite 579-4903
TomDel 290-0987 253-4221

Find More Landscape Pros

To find more landscape specialists for your project, just click on the logo of these professional organizations or click one of the FIND A PRO buttons below.
Find licensed Landscape Contractors with a broad range of skills + insurance to protect workers and property owners.
Find certified Landscape Designers with quality design solutions based on peer-reviewed standards of excellence.
Find licensed Landscape Architects with formal degrees in the art, science, and engineering required for comprehensive landscape development.
Find Certified Arborists with specialized skills, extensive knowledge, and education in plant physiology and tree science.
Featured Landscape Pros | In the SPOTLIGHT

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