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Acres of inspiration await you

Growing Grounds | Pacific Nurseries
Being a successful Bay area landscape professional can be challenging. From meeting the demands of fussy clients, managing staff or work crews, and generating leads for new projects, we understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate.

While juggling all of these dimensions of your business is important, it’s easy to shove “inspiration” to the back of the list of priorities.

Experience the difference between ordinary and extraordinary

Your customers are turning to you as the expert to design, develop, and implement a great landscape solution. So creativity and interesting use of plants and materials should have a high value for both you and your customers.

Yet, without some inspiration to spark an idea for a solution that you may have not considered, your finished landscape installation could end up a bit ordinary.

We’ve learned that most Bay Area customers set their sites on “extraordinary” when it comes to investing in you to guide them to a successful landscape project outcome. So doesn’t it make sense to do everything that you can to not let them down?
Grower + Plant Broker | Pacific Nurseries
As both a grower + plant broker, we get you the exact plants your project needs | Pacific Nurseries

See what you’ve been missing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get re-inspired is to take a walk around the Pacific Nurseries growing grounds conveniently located right in Colma. It’s guaranteed to reinvigorate your creative spirit and spark a new idea or two for an upcoming project or installation.

You’ll see and learn firsthand about new and unusual plant varieties growing right here in our ever-expanding selection of plants. By seeing new specimens, in sizes and plant forms in their prime, you’ll foster creative ideas that will enhance your project’s success.

Because we’ve integrated the multiple stages of plant development across our facilities—from seedling to large specimen trees—it’s more than likely that we have something in our over 40 acres of plants that will fuel your inspiration.

Landscape Pro Tip

Bring your smart phone or a digital camera to our growing grounds to capture your favorite plants. It’s the easiest way to record an idea or share a great plant with your client.
Whether adding a fragrant garden feature or pairing companion plants to compliment your client’s outdoor space, making a creative suggestion is going to be a whole lot easier when you’re armed with the knowledge of having seen some beautiful plants that are exactly what you and your client are looking for.

Come on over for acres of inspiration

To find us on the peninsula, just click on the map below to get directions.

Growing since 1869 to help professionals succeed.

Landscape professionals are always welcome to visit us any time during our operating hours . Although many items are seasonal, we always keep a large selection of trees, shrubs and ground covers in stock for immediate purchase and delivery. And if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we welcome inquiries about the availability of any plant variety, size or quantity.

From one item to an entire installation, and everything in between, our landscape specialists are ready to work with you to prepare a Plant Material Estimate or to deliver your order right to your job site. So do the old-fashioned thing and stop by to get inspired and see for yourself what we’ve grown into after 155 years.

How to escort your client through our growing grounds.

If your client wants to see any of our plants in person, we only ask that you check in at our office and escort them through the nursery. We’re looking forward to fueling your inspiration here soon!

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