Landscape Products

Landscape Products
Installation essentials for pros.
We offer a number of specialty products for landscape installations including blended soils and mulch. Our soil amendments have been created specifically for us by American Soil Products in Richmond, CA.
Their soil experts combine just the right ratios of nutrients and compounds to optimize them for Bay Area installations. And they’re ready for immediate pick up or delivery.

Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments | Pacific Nurseries

Ingredients | Composition
Clodbreaker | Wood Fines, Chicken Manure, Rice Hulls, Grape Compost, 1/8″ Fir Bark, 1/8″ Minus Lava

Walt Whitman | Chicken Manure, Rice Hulls, WonderGrow Organic Compost

Rhododendron Blend | Forest Floor, Nitrolized Redwood Sawdust, Grape Compost, Horticultural Sand, 5/16 Minus Red Lava, Cocnut Coir

Ultra Potting Mix | oconut Coir, Horticultural Sand, 1/8″ Red Lava, Dolomite Lime, Nitroform 38-0-0, Iron Sulphate, Triple Superphosphate, Calcium Nitrate

Lodge Pole Stakes

Lodge Pole Tree Stakes | Pacific Nurseries

Dimensions | Specs
8′ High X 2″ Wide
8′ High X 3″ Wide
10′ High X 2″ Wide
10′ High X 3″ Wide

These strong and durable lodge pole stakes have a sharpened point that makes installation easy. Choose the right length to provide all the support a newly planted tree needs.

Water-Saving Mulch

Mulch | Pacific Nurseries

Ingredients | Composition
Fir Bark Mulch ¼ | Fir Bark
Fir Bark Mulch ¾ | Fir Bark
Cedar Mulch | Shredded Cedar Bark
Redwood Mulch | Shredded Redwood Bark
Black Chip Mulch | 100% recycled urban lumber, colored using mineral pigments

Tree Ties

Tree Ties | Pacific Nurseries

Dimensions | Specs
36″ Vinyl Tree Ties

Our tree ties are quick and easy to install, adjust and remove. They’re perfect for use on newly planted trees and won’t hinder tree growth.

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