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Estimate or Order—How it Works

If you are not a Landscape Professional, we will not be able to provide you with guidance or pricing. We are a wholesale only nursery and do not sell retail plants to the general public.

Step 1 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries

Specify whether you need a plant material Estimate or if you would like to place a plant material Order.

Step 2 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries

Attach your digital plant list file and include the following:

  •  |  Plant Botanical Name with Genus and Species, Variety and Form if applicable.
  •   |  Quantity + Size by container or trunk caliper

Our plant material Estimates will provide details regarding plant availability and pricing.

Step 3 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries

Once we receive your information, our sales team will prepare the Estimate and email it back to you.

Just confirm which plants you want with your sales representative and we’ll then process and fill the order.

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