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Landscape Pro Case Studies

Learn how local experts create award-winning landscapes.
Bay Area Landscape Pros have to get a lot right to manage a client relationship, develop a successful solution, and complete a project within budget to satisfy their customer.

We recognize that this can sometimes be more than challenging. As a result, these Bay Area Landscape Pro Case Studies detail how a select group of local Pros have produced some very impressive work.
Learn how they assessed their situation, conceived an inspiring solution, and overcame unique project challenges to create a beautiful landscape. They even share a select group of plants used on the job.

If you want to avoid mistakes and improve the outcome of your project, click on one of the CASE STUDIES below.
Learn how Stuckeyscapes created a Mill Valley environment that encourages wandering and calming reflection with 360° of beauty.
Landscape Pros from across the US reach out to Zenscape to learn how they completed this challenging and award-winning Tiburon hillside project.
Michael A. Gonzalez Landscapes turned a neglected backyard into a magic garden full of seasonal blooming beauty for urban green relief.
Learn how Wild Natives made a seamless transition to a CA native landscape that supports the environment and sustains local wildlife.