Grower or Broker? Who to turn to for your plants.

Grower + Plant Broker | Pacific Nurseries

If the wholesale nursery you go to “grows” the plants you need for your projects, why would a landscape pro ever need a “plant broker”?

It’s all about you. And your clients.

We know that your customers demand a lot from you. And we also know that projects often require very specific plants to make them a success. For those special needs, and to ensure that you’re a success with your client, a plant broker may be just the ticket.

Why? Because a plant broker is interested in providing the exact plants you’re looking for. Not just the plants that a grower has on their inventory list—or the ones they’re trying to get rid of.

Experience differentiates Plant Growers + Brokers.

A quality plant broker should have deep resource knowledge and be able to tap well-established and long-standing relationships with other specialty growers. The result is that they can get you just the right plants to meet your project’s budget and needs.

Since 1869, we’ve learned a thing or two about who provides quality plant materials and who we can turn to to find the specialty item that you’re looking for. Whether it’s exotic palms, a group of espalier fruit trees or ball and burlap multi-trunk specimens, our trusted network and relationships enable us to fill your plant order with the plants that will satisfy your clients and make you look your best.

As the oldest wholesale nursery in California, we’ve been delivering great quality plants and expert service to Bay area landscape professionals for over 150 years. Our over 36 acres of growing facilities in the Colma, Stockton and San Martin growing grounds, provide an incredible variety of trees, shrubs, and ground covers, all acclimated to thrive in our unique Bay Area environment and climate.

But we know we can’t always have everything that you need in the size, quantity, and configuration that your project demands. That’s why we serve our landscape professional clients as a trusted plant broker too.

Grower + Plant Broker | Pacific Nurseries

As both a grower + plant broker, we get you the exact plants your project needs | Pacific Nurseries

Grower or Broker. Do I really need both?

Our valued customers don’t know the difference between when we work as a plant broker or a plant grower. That’s because all they have to do is provide us with the specifications of the plants they’re looking for. It’s our job to source them and manage how to get them to you when they’re needed.

Once we assemble your plant order, we can make arrangements to deliver your plants in one of our regularly scheduled deliveries right to your job site. We can also make arrangements for a custom delivery or just consolidate your order and have it ready for pick up in the Will Call area at our Colma growing grounds and sales office.

Looking for a specialty item?

If you would like to place an order for a special item, get an Estimate or discuss the unique needs of your landscape project, just send us an email or give us a call at 650.755.2330.

If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can get what you need, when you need it as both a Grower and Plant Broker.

We can also provide an Estimate for one item or for an entire installation by attaching your Microsoft Excel .xlsx plant list to our convenient Online Estimate Form.

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