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All the CA native plants that you’re looking for, are now all in one place

All the CA native plants that you’re looking for | Pacific Nurseries
Many Bay Area Landscape Pros know that we have thousands of CA native plants at our conveniently located facility on the San Francisco Peninsula. However, we recognize that it can sometimes be challenging to find the right CA native specimens in the right size at our sprawling location.

We’ve listened to our customers and have recently reorganized our Colma Growing Grounds to create a new dedicated area just for CA native plants.

The CA native plants that you’re looking for, right here

This new area, located in the LOWER MESA near our sales office, consolidates a wide range of true California natives, including grasses, shrubs, perennials, ground covers, shade plants, and vines.

We’ve added special signage to direct you to this area that features a filtered shade structure designed to mitigate direct sun on some plants. The result is all the CA native plants that you’re looking for are now conveniently located in one happy place that’s optimized for their health.
It’s now easier than ever to browse, view, and choose just the right plants for your project. Whether you’re designing a small residential garden or installing a large-scale commercial landscape, the CA native plants that you project needs are right here.

Most of the plants in our new CA native area are in the 1 gallon size. Larger sizes are available for some specimens and may be in a nearby location. All of our CA native plants are ready for purchase and pick-up or delivery.

Why choose CA native plants for your projects?

To learn more about all the benefits that CA native plants offer and why they’ve become so popular with Bay Area Landscape Pros, check out some of these informative resources.

Find your CA native plants with this handy map

To learn how we’ve organized the new CA native plant area, download this helpful map. With this tool in hand, your plants will be even easier to find when visiting our Colma Growing Grounds.
Map of CA native plants | Pacific Nurseries
Find your CA native plants with this handy map | Pacific Nurseries

Our CA native plant legacy

This new addition to our Colma facility reflects our ongoing commitment to providing CA native plants to our talented and diverse community of Landscape Pros. It also reflect the rising interest and increased demand of these plants from pros just like you.

Our heritage of support for CA native plants is unique to Bay Area Wholesale Nurseries. Previous Pacific Nurseries team member, Louis D. Schenone, was an active participant in the early days of the Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation | SHRF. He provided an influential role in pioneering the cultivation and wide distribution of California native plants throughout the Bay Area. Don Baldocchi was also involved in the early years of SHRF and worked to further the variety and availability of CA native plants.

At our dedicated CA native plant growing grounds in San Martin, we continue to utilize the methods and techniques developed at SHRF to bring an ever-growing variety of California native plants to our community.

We also continue to foster the use of CA native plants in Bay Area Landscapes with active support for native plant organizations and campaigns.
Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation | Pacific Nurseries
Early Saratoga Horticultural Research Foundation members + research and development facility | Pacific Nurseries

How CA native plants transform a landscape

Landscape Pro Julie Swift and her team at Wild Natives recently helped her valued client transition from a traditional garden using excessive water to a primarily CA native plant landscape.
“Incorporating California native plants not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a garden, but they also save on maintenance costs and reduce water usage. These indigenous species also promote biodiversity and support local ecosystems. The result cultivates a sustainable environment with a deep connection to nature.”
Julie Swift | Wild Natives
Wild Natives Case Study | Pacific Nurseries
Wild Natives seamless transition to a CA native landscape that sustains local wildlife and supports natural ecosystems | Pacific Nurseries
By integrating large volumes of California native plants, pollinator attraction was enhanced, water use was reduced, and soil ecosystems naturally improved. Even better, reliance on the low maintenance qualities of CA native plants resulted in reduced seasonal care and maintenance.

To learn all about the challenges Julie faced, her innovative plan, and the measurable results that she achieved in this detailed Case Study, just click the button below.

Come on over to Colma to see all the CA natives

Come on over and check out our new California native plant area to see how these plants can help inspire you to create the sustainable landscapes more and more Bay Area residents are demanding.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right California native plants that will make your project a success.

We can also provide an Estimate for one item or for an entire installation. Just attach your Microsoft Excel .xlsx plant list to our ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

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