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Landscape Pro Resources

Case Studies, guides, popular plants, pro lists + more.
We value the wide diversity and amazing talent of all of the Bay Area Landscape Pros that we work with every day.

Since 1869, we’ve never taken our relationship with this great community for granted and we continue to do all that we can to help them succeed.
We demonstrate this commitment by frequently creating and sharing what our Pros need to know to enhance their skills, improve plant knowledge, overcome project challenges, and so much more.

Check out any of the Landscape Pro Resources below and feel free to share them just by clicking on the sidebar on the left.
These CASE STUDIES provide detailed examples of how local Bay Area Landscape Pros approach a challenge, develop a landscape solution, and thoughtfully use the right plants to complete a successful project. The pros that we work with tell us that they’re looking for this kind of comprehensive content to help them grow their skills and make informed decisions about their projects. Check them out by clicking the button below.
Our Landscape Pro Learning Guides are high-quality educational tools designed to inform you how to be more efficient and effective in satisfying your client’s landscape needs. Check out all of our informative guides just by clicking the button below.
If you’re looking for an efficient and effective plant selection strategy, check out some of the MOST POPULAR PLANTS used by Bay Area Landscape Pros. From ground covers and grasses to flowering shrubs and trees, to vines and succulents, just click on the plant that you’re interested in to learn all about it.

Get oriented to our wholesale nursery by downloading a handy set of detailed maps that show all of the areas in our Colma Growing Grounds. You can print our maps or take them with you to find your way around when you arrive. To get your maps, just click the button below.

Our Landscape Pro Referral List is a group of qualified Bay Area Landscape Professionals that can help homeowners and other interested parties find a Landscape Pro in their geographic area. We are simply offering a no-obligation referral service and are not responsible for the quality or cost of the Landscape Pro’s work.

Because learning never stops, we’ve assembled More Valuable Resources just for Landscape Pros. To learn about Magnificent Bay Area Public Gardens, great websites for plant research, plant libraries, Trade Show Guide, Pro Trade Organizations, informative publications, and much more, just click the button below.
We recycle this many used plant containers every month.

“When the plants I’m looking for are out of stock or hard to find, Pacific Nurseries always gets us what we need to keep our customers happy.”

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