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Order Processing

How we get the plants your project needs.
Order Processing + Assembly involves many factors that can affect the outcome of an order. We work hard to process your order so that you get the plants that you need without surprises or unnecessary delays.

The more information we receive during the order process, the better equipped we are to get you what you need.
We encourage you to become familiar with the processes and best practices outlined below.

If you have a specific question or want to learn more, just contact us online or call 650.755.2330.

Timing + Availability

If your plants are in stock we will have your order ready within 1—2 days. If your plants are not in stock, we will survey our wide network of vendors and growers to find them.

When brokering plants, we often need 1—2 weeks to receive and prepare your order. This is due to some of the logistics issues below:
  • Vendors deliver on different delivery schedules including on request, weekly, or bimonthly.
  • Unusual or popular varieties may be available but limited in sizes + quantities.
  • Plant demand is subject to market trends. We monitor these trends and do our best to stock what’s current and looking nice.
  • We source plants from as far as Oregon and Southern California.
  • Specialty plants can take up to 2 weeks to procure.
  • Vendor plant lists sometimes do not provide quantities, pricing, or size specifications.
  • We communicate frequently with them to keep you informed.

To minimize these challenges we encourage you to act fast and place your Plant Order as soon as possible after you receive an Estimate from us. If you cannot wait for material to be brokered please let us know so we can guide you to what is in stock.

Consistent Communication

When you place an Order online or in person, all of the plants in your Plant Order will be sourced.

The Pacific Nurseries Sales Representative managing your Order has first-hand knowledge of the plants in our 40 acres of inventory. They also know what nurseries in our large network are best qualified to provide what we don’t have on hand. Every effort is made to provide your plants with the specs that you’ve requested including specimen size, variety, color + form.

Once we source all of your plants, your Sales Rep will then update you on the status or completion of your Order and all of the items within it. And if some plants are unavailable, delayed for delivery or out of stock, we make it a priority to communicate with you in the method that you prefer including Email, Call, or In-person.

If you ever want an update on the status of your order processing, just contact your Sales Representative whenever it’s convenient. And if any item is unavailable for whatever reason, we’ll provide some palatable alternatives including:

  • different container size
  • different color or form
  • estimated date when plants will be available

Avoiding Substitution Surprises

Substitutions are a reality of ordering plants. However, we do our best to keep them to a minimum. When ordering, it’s very important to let us know if you cannot accept substitutions of size or variety.

Our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted over the last 150 years. If one of our providers informs us that they have the exact specimens that you are looking for, we will order it immediately.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a grower to fail to notify us that the plants that you needed were sold to someone else. In some cases we won’t find out until the delivery from the vendor has arrived.

We do our best to maintain frequent communication with our vendors to stay informed. As soon as we are aware that a plant you need has not been provided, we will let you know and help you find a substitution.

Your Success is Our Success

Whether your plants were grown by us or by a partner in our network, they will be healthy and ready for installation.

With proper installation, irrigation, and care, they should thrive and add beauty to a landscape for years.

We love to hear about successful projects. And we encourage you to share your project results with our Sales Reps.

If you have an issue with an item in your Plant Order, we will do our best to address it and make your project a success.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for details or contact your Customer Service Representative to learn more.