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In season + looking great.
The Prime Plant List is an alphabetical summary of beautiful, seasonal plants that are in prime condition with limited availability.

In addition to this list, we always have a large selection of trees, shrubs, and ground covers in stock for immediate purchase or delivery.

We encourage you to stop by, look them over and consider them for your project.

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Prime Plant List | Fall 2021

Botanical Name1 Gal5 Gal15 GalComments
Acacia longifolia“Prime
Acer macrophyllum“Prime
Acer platanoides Crimson King“Prime
Agave 'Blue Flame'“Prime“Prime10 gallon container
Agonis f. 'After Dark'“Prime
Agonis flexuosa“Prime
Alchemilla mollis“Prime
Aloe camperi“Prime
Aloe 'Johnson's hybrid'“Prime
Alnus rubra“Prime
Aloe arborescens“Prime“Prime
Arbutus unedo 'Compacta'“Prime
Arbutus unedo 'Elfin King'“Prime
Arbutus unedo 'Oktoberfest'“Prime“Prime
Artemisia 'Powis Castle'“Prime
Asarum caudatum“Prime
Astelia banksii“Prime
Azara microphylla“Prime“Prime
Bambusa oldhamii“Prime
Beschorneria y. 'Flamingo Glow'“Prime
Bouteloua g. 'Blonde Ambition'“Prime
Calamagrostis a. 'Karl Foerster'“Prime“Prime
Calamagrostis brachytricha“Prime
Calamagrostis nutkaensis“Prime
Callistemon citrinus“Prime
Callistemon v. 'Slim'“Prime
Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger'“Prime
Carex pansa“Prime
Carex praegracilis“Prime
Carex tumulicola“Prime
Carpenteria c. 'Elizabeth'“Prime
Cassia leptophylla“Prime
Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans'“Prime
Ceanothus 'Centennial'“Prime
Ceanothus concha“Prime
Ceanothus g. horizontalis“Prime
Ceanothus 'Joyce Coulter'“Prime
Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps'“Prime
Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' - std“Prime
Ceanothus thy. 'Skylark'“Prime
Ceanothus thy. 'Snow Flurry'“Prime
Cercis can. 'Forest Pansy'“Prime
Choisya ternata“Prime“Prime
Choisya t. 'Aztec Pearl'“Prime
Choisya t. 'Sundance'“Prime
Chondropetalum tectorum“Prime
Chondropetalum t. El Campo'“Prime
Chrysanthemum f. 'Meteor Red'“Prime
Cistus 'Blanche'“Prime
Cistus ladanifer“Prime
Cistus purpureus“Prime
Cistus salviifolius“Prime
Cistus skanbergii“Prime
Cistus 'Sunset'“Prime
Clivia miniata“Prime
Coleonema p. 'Compacta'“Prime
Coleonema p. 'Sunset Gold'“Prime
Coprosma k. 'Variegata'“Prime
Coprosma r. 'Tequila Sunrise'“Prime
Coprosma repens“Prime
Cordyline a. 'Red Sensation'“Prime
Cordyline a. 'Red Star'“Prime
Cordyline a. 'Torbay Dazzler'“Prime20 gallon container | Around 3-1/2-4' tall
Cordyline australis“Prime20 gallon container
Cordyline h. 'Electric Pink'“Prime
Correa 'Dusky Bells'“Prime
Correa 'Ivory Bells'“PrimeHave a few in 7 gallon
Correa pul. 'Pink Eyre'“Prime
Correa reflexa 'Kangaroo Red'“Prime
Correa 'Sister Dawn'“Prime
Correa 'Wyn's Wonder'“Prime“Prime
Cotoneaster buxifolia 'Nana'“Prime
Cotoneaster d. 'Lowfast'“Prime
Cotoneaster s. 'repens'“Prime
Deschampsia cespitosa“Prime
Dietis bicolor“Prime
Dodonea v. Purpurea“Prime“Prime
Draceana draco“Prime
Echium fastuosum“Prime“Prime
Elaeagnus e. 'Gilt Edge'“Prime“Prime
Equisetum hyemale“Prime
Escallonia fradesii“Prime“Prime
Euonymus f. Colorata“Prime
Euonymus f. 'Gold Prince'“Prime
Euphorbia 'Blackbird'“Prime
Fargesia rufa“Prime
Festuca californica“Prime
Festuca rubra 'Patrick's Point'“Prime
Galium odoratum“Prime
Garrya e. 'James Roof'“Prime
Gaultheria shallon“Prime
Geijera parviflora“Prime
Grevillea l. 'Coastal Gem'“Prime“Prime
Grevillea l. 'Mt. Tamboritha'“Prime
Grevillea r. 'Scarlet Sprite'“Prime
Helictotrichon sempervirens“Prime
Helleborus 'Molly's White'“Prime
Hymenosporum flavum“Prime
Himalayacalamus hookerianus“Prime
Jacaranda mimosifolia“Prime
Jasminum polyanthum“Prime
Juncus patens“Prime“Prime
Juncus p. 'Elk Blue'“Prime
Lantana 'Trailing White'“Prime
Laurus nobilis - std“Prime
Laurus nobilis 'Saratoga'“Prime
Lavandula a. 'Munstead'“Prime
Lavandula dentata“Prime
Leptospermum laevigatum“Prime
Leucadendron 'Safari Goldstrike'“Prime
Leymus triticoides“Prime
Libertia peregrinans“PrimeSome 2 gallons available
Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine'“Prime3 gallon containers
Lomandra c. 'Shorty'“Prime
Lomandra l. 'Breeze'“Prime
Lomandra l. 'Tropic Belle'“Prime
Loropetalum c. 'Snow Panda'“Prime
Luma apiculata“Prime
Mahonia lomariifolia“Prime
Maytenus b. 'Green Shower'“Prime
Mimulus aurantiacus“Prime
Miscanthus s. 'Little Kitten'“Prime
Miscanthus s. 'Morning Light'“Prime
Muhlenbergia c. 'Regal Mist'“Prime
Muhlenbergia c. 'White Cloud'“Prime
Muhlenbergia l. 'Autumn Glow'“Prime
Myrica californica“Prime“Prime
Myrsine africana“Prime
Myrtus communis“Prime
Myrtus communis variegata“Prime
Nepeta f. 'Walker's Low'“Prime
Nerium o. 'White' - std“Prime
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty' - std“Prime
Ophiopogon j. 'Silver Mist'“Prime
Osmanthus f. 'San Jose'“Prime
Osmanthus h. 'Gulftide'“Prime
Oxalis oregana“Prime
Pachysandra t. 'Green Sheen'“Prime
Pennisetum messiacum“Prime
Pennisetum o. 'Karley Rose'“Prime
Penstemon 'Holly's White'“Prime
Penstemon 'Midnight'“Prime
Phlomis fruticosa“Prime
Phormium 'Black Adder'“Prime
Phormium 'Bronze Baby'“Prime
Pistacia chinensis“Prime
Pittosporum crassifolium“Prime
Pittosporum c. Compactum“Prime“Prime
Pittosporum eugenoides“Prime“Prime
Pittosporum tenuifolium“Prime“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Gold Star'“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Golf Ball'“Prime10 gallon container
Pittosporum t. 'Ivory Sheen'“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Marjorie Channon'“Prime“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Silver Sheen'“Prime
Pittosporum tob. 'Wheeler's Dwarf'“Prime
Pittosporum undulatum - bush“Prime“Prime
Polygala dalmaisana“Prime
Polygala f. 'Petite Butterflies'“Prime
Prunus laurocerasus“Prime
Prunus lusitanica“Prime
Prunus lyonii“Prime
Prunus ser. 'Kwanzan'“Prime
Rhamnus c. 'Eve Case'“Prime
Rhus integrifolia“Prime
Ribes s. 'Glutinosum'“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Irene'“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Tuscan Blue'“Prime“Prime
Rubus calycinoides“Prime
Salvia 'Bee's Bliss'“Prime
Salvia chamaedryoides“Prime
Salvia 'Love & Wishes'“Prime
Salvia m. 'Terra Seca'“Prime
Sarcococca h. 'humilis'“Prime
Sarcococca ruscifolia“Prime“Prime
Senecio mandraliscae“Prime
Sesleria autumnalis“Prime
Sesleria 'Greenlee'“Prime
Sisyrinchium a. 'Blue Note'“Prime
Solanum rantonnetii - patio“Prime
Stachys b. 'Silver Carpet'“Prime
Stipa arundinacea“Prime
Symphoricarpus albus“Prime
Taxus b. 'Stricta'“Prime
Teucrium f. 'Compacta'“Prime
Tibouchina urvilleana“Prime“Prime
Tilia cordata“Prime
Tilia cordata 'Greenspire'“Prime
Tristania l. 'Elegant' - std“Prime
Tristania laurina - std“Prime
Viburnum davidii“Prime
Viburnum t. 'Robustum'“Prime
Vinca minor Alba“Prime
Vinca minor 'Variegata'“Prime
Washingtonia robusta“Prime
Westringia f. 'Blue Gem'“Prime
Westringia f. 'Low Horizon'“Prime
Westringia f. 'Smokey'“Prime
Westringia f. 'Wynyabbie Gem'“Prime
Woodwardia unigemmata“Prime

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