Prime Plant List

Prime Plants
In season + looking great.
We always have a large selection of trees, shrubs and ground covers in stock for immediate purchase or delivery. Our Prime Plant List is a summary of items we have in limited availability and prime condition.
We encourage you to stop by, look them over and consider them for your project. We also welcome inquiries about the availability of any item. Contact us online or call us at 650.755.2330 to learn more.
Prime Plant List | Summer 2019
Botanical Name1 Gal5 Gal15 GalComments
Achillea 'Calistoga'“Prime
Adenanthos sericeus“Prime
Aeonium 'Sunburst'“Prime2 Gal Container
Agonis f. 'After Dark'“Prime
Agonis f. 'Burgundy'“Prime
Agonis flexuosa“Prime
Ajuga r. 'Catlin's Giant'“Prime
Arbutus marina - multi“Prime
Arbutus marina - std“Prime
Arbutus unedo compacta“Prime
Arbutus unedo 'Oktoberfest'“Prime
Azara microphylla 'Variegata'“Prime
Baccharis p. 'Pigeon Point'“Prime
Bambusa m. 'Alphonse Karr'“Prime
Calycanthus occidentalis“Prime
Campanula poscharskyana 'Alba'“Prime
Carex glauca“Prime
Carex praegracilis“Prime
Carex tumulicola“Prime3 Gal Container
Carpenteria c. 'Elizabeth'“Prime
Ceanothus 'Frosty Blue'“Prime
Ceanothus g. h. 'Yankee Point'“Prime
Ceanothus hearstiorum“Prime
Chimonobambusa quadrangularis“Prime
Choisya ternata“Prime“Prime
Chondropetalum tectorum“Prime
Cistanthe grandiflora“Prime
Cistus 'Blanche'“Prime
Cistus purpureus“Prime
Cistus salviifolius“Prime
Cistus 'Victor Reiter'“Prime
Coprosma kirkii variegata“Prime
Coprosma repens“Prime
Cordyline a. 'Torbay Dazzler'“Prime20 Gal Container | Around 3-1/2' tall
Correa 'Ivory Bells'“Prime“PrimeHave a few in 7 Gal Container
Correa 'Sister Dawn'“Prime
Correa 'Wyn's Wonder'“Prime
Cotoneaster m. thymifolius“Prime
Cotoneaster salicifolius repens“Prime
Cupressus macrocarpa“Prime
Deschampsia c. 'Northern Lights'“Prime
Dianella h. 'Clarity Blue'“Prime
Dodonea v. 'Purpurea'“Prime
Doryanthes palmeri“Prime
Dymondia margaretae“Prime
Elaeagnus e. 'Gilt Edge'“Prime
Erigeron k. 'Moerheimii“Prime
Escallonia fradesii“Prime
Escallonia rubra“Prime
Euonymus f. 'Gold Prince'“Prime
Fagus syl. Riversii“Prime
Fagus syl. 'Purple Fountain'“Prime
Fargesia rufa“Prime
Festuca rubra 'Molate'“Prime
Gaultheria shallon“Prime
Geranium 'Bill Wallis'“Prime
Geranium can. 'St. Ola'“Prime
Ginkgo b. 'Princeton Sentry'“Prime
Grevillea l. 'Mt. Tamboritha'“Prime“Prime
Grevillea 'Long John'“Prime
Griselinia littoralis“Prime“Prime
Helleborus 'Molly's White'“Prime
Hemerocallis h. 'Hyperion'“Prime
Himalayacalamus hookerianus“Prime
Hydrangea petiolaris“Prime
Iris ensata 'Happy Awakening'“Prime
Juncus e. 'Quartz Creek'“Prime
Juncus e. 'Spiralis'“PrimeJuncus e. 'Twister'
Laurus n. 'Saratoga'“Prime
Lavandula a. 'Munstead'“Prime
Lavandula s. 'Otto Quast'“Prime
Leonotis leonurus“Prime
Leptospermum laevigatum“Prime
Leymus t. 'Grey Dawn'“Prime
Libertia peregrinans“Prime
Ligustrum sin. 'Sunshine'“Prime3 Gal Container
Lomandra c. 'Finescape'“Prime
Lomandra c. 'Seascape'“Prime2 Gal Container
Loropetalum c. ‘Razzleberri’“Prime“Prime
Loropetalum c. 'Sizzling Pink'“Prime
Maytenus b. 'Green Showers'“Prime
Miscanthus s. 'Gracillimus'“Prime
Muhlenbergia c. 'Pink Flamingo'“Prime
Muhlenbergia c. 'Regal Mist'“Prime
Muhlenbergia pubescens“Prime
Myrica californica“Prime“Prime
Myrtus communis“Prime
Osmanthus f. 'San Jose'“Prime
Osmanthus h. 'Goshiki'“Prime
Oxalis oregana“Prime
Pachysandra t. 'Green Sheen'“Prime
Pennisetum messiacum“Prime
Philadelphus mexicanus“Prime
Philadelphus l. 'Blizzard'“Prime
Phormium 'Black Adder'“Prime
Phormium 'Cream Delight'“Prime
Phormium 'Dark Delight'“Prime7 Gal Container
Phormium 'Wings of Gold'“Prime
Phormium 'Yellow Wave'“Prime
Pittosporum eugenoides“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Marjorie Channon'“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Oliver Twist'“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Silver Sheen'“Prime
Portulacaria afra“Prime
Prunus laurocerasus“Prime
Prunus lusitanica“Prime
Puya caerulea“Prime
Rhamnus c. 'Eve Case'“Prime
Rhamnus c. 'Mound San Bruno'“Prime
Ribes malvaceum“Prime
Ribes s. 'Claremont'“Prime
Ribes s. 'King Edward VII'“Prime
Ribes sanguineum“Prime
Romneya coulteri“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Collingwood Ingram'“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Tuscan Blue'“Prime“Prime
Rubus calycinoides“Prime
Salvia c. 'Allen Chickeriing'“Prime
Salvia m. 'Hot Lips'“Prime3 Gal Container
Santolina e. 'Lemon Queen'“Prime
Sesleria 'Greenlee'“Prime
Stipa arundinacea“Prime
Stipa tenuissima“Prime
Taxus b. 'Stricta'“Prime
Teucrium chamaedrys“Prime
Thuja occ. 'Emerald Green'“Prime4' tall
Tibouchina heteromalla“Prime
Tibouchina urvilleana“PrimeBush form
Tristania laurina - std“Prime
Vaccinium o. 'Wunderlich'“Prime
Vinca major 'Variegata'“Prime
Vitis californica 'Roger's Red'“Prime
Westringia f. 'Blue Gem'“Prime
Woodwardia fimbriata“Prime
Woodwardia unigemmata“Prime

Seasonal Special | Prunus Laurocerasus

5/6′ Tall, Ball + Burlap, Limited Supply, Available now. Call 650.755.2330 or stop by to learn more.

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Specialty Items | Large Size | Limited Quan. | Summer 2019
Botanical Name24" Box30" Box36" Box48" Box60" BoxQuanSizeComments
Acacia stenophylla“Prime58' x 4' x 1"
Acer campestre“Prime213' x 5' x 3-1/2"Field Maple | Broadleaf deciduous tree
Acer griseum“Prime59' x 4-1/2' x 3-1/2"Paperbark Maple | Reddish bark, deciduous tree
Acer p. 'Bloodgood'“Prime55' x 5'
Acer p. 'Bloodgood'“Prime17' x 7'
Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'“Prime66' x 5' x 1-1/2"Coral Bark Maple | Deciduous tree
Acer r. 'Red Sunset'“Prime412' x 4-1/2' x 2"Red Maple Tree | Deciduous tree
Arbutus marina - bush“Prime84' x 3-1/2'
Arbutus marina - std“Prime87-1/2-8' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/4"Strawberry tree with orange red bark
Archontophoenix cunninghamiana“Prime111' x 6'King Palm | Multi—2 trunks
Betula jacquemontii - multi“Prime216' x 8'42" box | Whitebarked Himalayan Birch
Betula pendula - multi“Prime213' x 6'
Carpinus b. fastigiata“Prime213' x 9' x 5-1/2"European Hornbeam | Deciduous tree
Cedrus a. g. pendula - fish hook“Prime34' x 3'
Cercidiphyllum japonicum“Prime210' x 4-1/2' x 3-1/2"
Cercis can. 'Forest Pansy' - multi“Prime47' x 4-1/2'
Chamaecyparis l. 'Blue Surprise'“Prime610' x 3'Blue columnar conifer with soft textured foliage
Chamaecyparis o. gracilis“Prime58' x 4'
Chionanthus retusus“Prime110' x 7' x 3-1/2"Chinese Fringetree | Fragrant white blooms
Cordyline australis“Prime84' x 4'
Cornus c. 'Mountain Moon'“Prime85-1/2-6' x 4'Evergreen dogwood with creamy white blooms
Cupressocyparis leylandii“Prime411' x 6'
Cupressus sempervirens“Prime213' x 2'
Dodonea v. Purpurea - std“Prime59' x 4' x 1-1/2"
Fagus syl. 'Dawyck Purple'“Prime210' x 4'
Laurus n. 'Saratoga' - multi“Prime64' x 3-1/2'
Laurus nobilis - multi“Prime29' x 5'
Lyonothamnus floribundus“Prime513' x 5' x 2-1/2"Catalina Ironwood | Evergreen tree
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'“Prime58' x 5'
Maytenus b. 'Green Showers'“Prime19' x 4' x 2-1/2"
Metasequoia glyptostroboides“Prime38' x 4-4-1/2'
Metrosideros excelsus - std“Prime86' x 2-1/2' x 1"New Zealand Christmas Tree | Evergreen
Michelia champaca“Prime58' x 4' x 1-3/4"
Phyllostachys nigra“Prime56' x 3' x 1-1/4"Black bamboo
Pinus pinea“Prime47' x 4'
Pistacia chinensis“Prime59' x 6' x 1-1/2"
Pittosporum eugenoides“Prime85' x 3'
Pittosporum t. 'Marjorie Channon'“Prime55' x 3-1/2'Evergreen with variegated leaves on black stems
Pittosporum t. 'Silver Sheen'“Prime86' x 4'
Pittosporum t. 'Wrinkled Blue'“Prime105' x 3'
Pittosporum tenuifolium - bush“Prime85' x 3'
Pittosporum tenuifolium - std“Prime36-1/2' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/4"
Pittosporum undulatum - std“Prime208' x 3-1/2' x 1"
Platanus a. 'Columbia'“Prime614' x 7' x 3"London Plane Tree | Deciduous tree
Prunus caroliniana compacta - std“Prime107-1/2-8' x 4' x 1-1/4"Compact Laurel Cherry | Evergreen
Prunus laurocerasus - columnar“Prime89' x 5' x 2"
Prunus lusitanica - std“Prime87' x 4' x 3-1/4"
Prunus sargentii“Prime210' x 4-1/2' x 2-3/4"Sargent Cherry | Deciduous tree
Prunus ser. 'Tai Haku'“Prime210' x 6' x 3-3/4"
Pseudotsuga menziesii“Prime109' x 6'Douglas Fir
Schinus terebinthefolius“Prime58' x 4-5' x 1-3/4"Brazilian Peppertree
Sequoiadendron giganteum“Prime48-9' x 3-1/2'
Trachycarpus fortunei“Prime19' x 6'Windmill Palm
Tristania l. 'Elegant' - multi“Prime105' x 4'
Tristania laurina - multi“Prime105' x 4-1/2'
Tristania laurina - std“Prime107-1/2-8' x 3' x 1-1/4"Water Gum tree; evergreen with small yellow flowers
Umbellularia californica“Prime74' x 3'
Washingtonia robusta“Prime210' x 5'8' brown trunk height
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