Prime Plant List

Prime Plants
In season + looking great.
We always have a large selection of trees, shrubs and ground covers in stock for immediate purchase or delivery. Our Prime Plant List is a summary of items we have in limited availability and prime condition.
We encourage you to stop by, look them over and consider them for your project. We also welcome inquiries about the availability of any item. Contact us online or call us at 650.755.2330 to learn more.
Prime Plant List | Fall 2017
Botanical Name1 Gal5 Gal15 GalComments
Acacia redolens 'Low Boy'“Prime
Agapanthus 'Tinkerbell'“Prime“PrimeVariegated with blue flowers
Agonis flexuosa“Prime
Aloe striata“Prime
Arbutus marina - std“Prime
Arbutus unedo compacta“Prime
Azara dentata“Prime
Azara microphylla 'Variegata'“Prime
Ceanothus g. h. 'Yankee Point'“Prime
Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps'/ Dark Star“Prime
Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' - std“PrimeL imited
Chondropetalum tectorum“Prime
Cistus 'Blanche'“Prime
Cistus skanbergii“Prime
Cistus 'Victor Reiter'“Prime
Coleonema p. 'Compacta'“Prime
Coleonema p. 'Sunset Gold'“Prime
Coprosma pumila Verde Vista“Prime
Cordyline a. 'Cherry Sensation'“PrimeLimited
Cordyline a. 'Sun Dance'“PrimeLimited
Cordyline a. 'Torbay Dazzler'“Prime20 gallon container; around 4' tall
Correa 'Dusky Bells'“Prime
Correa 'Ivory Bells'“Prime
Correa 'Sister Dawn'“Prime
Correa 'Wyn's Wonder'x
Cotoneaster d. 'Lowfast'“Prime
Cryptomeria j. 'Sekkan Sugi'“Prime
Euonymus f. 'Gold Prince'“Prime
Festuca rubra“Prime
Grevillea l. 'Mt. Tamboritha'“Prime“PrimeIn bloom
Grevillea neolii“Prime
Hakea suaveolens“Prime
Helleborus 'Molly's White'“Prime
Hesperaloe parviflora“Prime
Hydrangea q. 'Alice'“Prime
Lavandula i. 'Provence'“Prime
Lavandua sto. 'Otto Quast'“Prime
Leonotis leonurus“Prime
Leptospermum laevigatum“Prime
Loropetalum c. 'Razzleberri'“PrimeLarge and cascading
Loropetalum c. 'Plum Delight'“PrimeLarge and cascading
Loropetalum chinense“Prime
Muhlenbergia lindheimeri“Prime
Myrica californica“Prime“Prime
Pachysandra terminalis“Prime
Pennisetum setaceum“Prime
Phormium 'Cream Delight'“Prime
Phormium 'Dusky Chief'“Prime
Phormium 'Yellow Wave'“Prime
Pittosporum crassifolium“Prime
Pittosporum eugenoides - std“Prime
Pittosporum t. 'Marjorie Channon'“Prime
Prunus lusitanica“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Huntington Carpet'“Prime
Rosmarinus o. 'Tuscan Blue'“Prime
Rubus calycinoides“Prime
Stipa tenuissima“Prime
Thuja occ. 'Emerald Green'“Prime4' tall
Westringia f. 'Low Horizon'“Prime
Specialty Items | Large Size | Limited Quan. | Fall 2017
Botanical Name24" Box30" Box36" Box48" BoxQuanSpecificationsComments
Acacia stenophylla“Prime210' x 4' x 2"Shoestring Acacia; long drooping leaves
Agonis flexuosa“Prime811' x 4-1/2' x 2"Evergreen tree with willow-like green leaves
Arbutus marina - multi“Prime104-4-1/2' x 3'Strawberry tree with orange red bark
Arbutus marina - multi“Prime37' x 6'
Carpinus b. 'Fastigiata'“Prime212' x 10'Deciduous tree
Cedrus a. g. pendula“Prime46' x 4'Weeping form with blue needles
Cocos plumosa“Prime17' x 9-11"7' trunk height with 9-11" caliper
Cupressus sempervirens“Prime114'+ x 2-1/2''Italian cypress
Ensete v. 'Maurelii'“Prime27-8' x 4-5'Banana-like perennial; reddish green leaves
Laurus nobilis - std“Prime108-9' x 3-4' x 1-1/4"
Lyonothamnus floribundus“Prime1010' x 3'Catalina Ironwood
Metasequoia g. 'Sheridan Spire'“Prime112' x 10'Beautiful sea-green foliage turning to bronze in fall
Metasequoia glyptostroboides“Prime112' x 6'
Metrosideros excelsus - std“Prime810-11' x 4-1/2' x 2-3/4"Evergreen tree with red blooms in summer
Myrica californica“Prime104' x 3'Pacific wax myrtle; California native
Phoenix canariensis“Prime16-4' x 10'
Phyllostachys nigra“Prime47-8' x 2-1/2 - 3'Black bamboo
Pinus thunbergii“Prime410-11' x 4-4-1/2' x 3"
Pittosporum t. 'Silver Sheen'“Prime85' x 3-1/2'
Pittosporum eugenoides“Prime104' x 3-1/2'Evergreen tree with light green wavy edge leaves
Pittosporum eugenoides - std“Prime88' x 3' x 1-1/4"
Prunus laurocerasus“Prime205' x 4'English laurel; glossy dark green leaves
Prunus laurocerasus - std“Prime106' x 3' x 1-1/2"
Quercus agrifolia - std“Prime29' x 6' x 3"Coast live oak; California native
Schinus terebinthefolius“Prime48' x 4-5' x 1-1/2"
Taxodium mucronatum“Prime310' x 7-8'Montezuma cypress
Taxus b. stricta“Prime206' x 16-18"columnar growth with dark green foliage; in tubs
Tilia t. 'Sterling'“Prime111-12' x 8' x 4-1/2"
Tristania conferta“Prime210' x 4' x 1-3/4"Broadleaf, upright, evergreen tree
Tristania laurina - multi“Prime103' x 2-1/2'
Tristania laurina - std“Prime107-1/2-8' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/4"
Ulmus p. 'True Green'“Prime111' x 9' x 2-1/2"

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