Growing Grounds

Growing Grounds
1 brand. 3 facilities. Over 36 acres of selection.
From seedlings to large, boxed trees, we integrate all stages of plant development across our Bay Area growing facilities.
Our growing grounds in Colma, Stockton and San Martin offer over 36 acres of ground covers, flowering shrubs and large specimen trees.

Colma Growing Grounds | Pacific Nurseries


Primary Growing Grounds

Our primary growing grounds and sales office is located just South of San Francisco in Colma. All of the plants at this facility are optimized to thrive in the unique micro-climates of the Bay Area. That’s because most of of them were either born or have been raised here.

We’re continually making improvements at this facility to organize plant material and help landscape professionals easily locate and select the plant varieties they’re looking for. Stop by to see for yourself all that we have to offer.

Growing Ground Details

  • | Primary growing grounds
  • | Conveniently located on SF peninsula
  • | Ground covers, flowering shrubs + boxed trees
  • | Customer Will Call pick up area
  • | Sales + customer service office
  • | Hand carts available for plant selection

Facility Location

Stockton Growing Grounds | Pacific Nurseries


King Island Growers

We strive to provide the largest selection and variety of plants to meet the needs of landscape professionals. And there’s no better example of this than our growing facility located on King Island near Stockton.

The summers are hotter and the winters are colder here than in the costal or peninsula areas of the San Francisco Bay. This special climate provides the ability to grow species that thrive in this seasonal environment. In addition, this large facility is optimized for growing trees. The result is that we can provide more unusual tree types in larger and less typical sizes.

Growing Ground Details

  • | Primary tree growing grounds
  • | Unusual tree types
  • | Larger + less typical tree sizes
  • | Ground Covers, flowering shrubs + boxed trees
  • | Large + diverse inventory

Facility Location

San Martin Growing Grounds | Pacific Nurseries

San Martin

Gabilan Growers

In San Martin, we reproduce plants from the bottom up. Here, we clone varieties of landscape plants for the unique coastal climate of the Bay Area including California native plants.

We strive to make available many plant varieties that have become familiar and sought after by landscape professionals and their customers. We foster and cultivate these plant varieties with the latest eco-friendly techniques in order to have them available for your landscape project.

Growing Ground Details

  • | Primary propagation facility
  • | Ground covers + flowering shrubs
  • | Latest eco-friendly growing techniques
  • | California natives
  • | Unique + sought after specimens

Facility Location

Ground Covers | Grasses | Flowering Shrubs | Boxed Trees | CA Natives

“I just love it when I find out of the ordinary specimens here.”

The Garden Route Company

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