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How to Buy

Everything you need to know to work with us.
Bay Area Landscape Professionals reach out to us all the time because they want to know how to work with Pacific Nurseries and how to buy plants.

If that’s you, we welcome your interest in becoming a member of our growing community of Landscape Pros.
We are a wholesale-only nursery and do not sell retail plants to the general public. If you are not a Landscape Professional, you will be unable to order or purchase plants from us.

To get started on becoming one of our valued customers, click your area of interest below.

Become a Customer

If you’re a Landscape Pro, complete our new customer application.

Plant Lists

Quickly search + locate the plants that we’re growing right now.

Visit Our Nursery

Get inspired in acres of inventory conveniently located in Colma.

Order Plants | Get Estimate

Attach your plant list to order plants or get an estimate online.

Order Processing

Learn how we get the exact plants that your project needs.

Delivery + Will-Call

Schedule a delivery to your job site or pick-up your order at Will-Call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that Bay Area Landscape Pros ask all the time.

Terms + Conditions

Details and specifics on how to work with us successfully.

What plants are available right now?

Check our weekly updated Plant Availablity List to learn what you can pick up or have delivered, right now.

Save 20% on all of our B+B Prunus laurocerasus

Take advantage of 4/5’, 5/6′, and 6/7′tall inventory that’s ready for pick-up or delivery.