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What We Offer

Selection, service, and satisfaction to help pros succeed.

Wholesale Only

As California’s longest operating wholesale nursery, we offer products and services exclusively to landscape trade professionals. The nursery is not open to the general public.

After working with Bay Area Landscape Pros for over 155 years, we’ve learned that the plants, service, and satisfaction that we deliver are what it takes to help them succeed.

Grower + Broker

If we don’t have the exact plants you’re looking for at our growing grounds, we’ll do everything we can to find it and get it when you need it. That’s because we’re both a grower and a plant broker.

Our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted over the last hundred years to ensure that you get the exact specimens that you’re looking for.

Bay Area Experts

Since 1869, we’ve served the San Francisco Bay Area with personalized service, expert advice, competitive prices, and an ever-expanding selection of plants.

All of our plants are acclimatized—born and bred—for the unique micro-climates and diverse environments that make the Bay Area a one-of-a-kind landscape region.
If you want to know what’s available right now for pick up or delivery, download + check out our Plant Availability List. This comprehensive list is updated weekly and it will tell you plant sizes, quantities, and details about what’s available throughout our growing grounds inventory.
Our Contract Grow service ensures that the plants or trees that you need are available when you need them at a guaranteed price. This service is appropriate for projects that need a large number of plants and/or trees at least 6-8 months in the future. Whether you need a lot of plants and trees or the growth of some uncommon specimens, we can work with you to provide all of the quality plants that you’re looking for.
We recycle this many used plant containers every month.

“Just a great place to get the exact plants I need.”

J. Carlos Reynoso | Reyscapes, Inc.

Save 20% on all of our B+B Prunus laurocerasus

Take advantage of 4/5’, 5/6′, and 6/7′tall inventory that’s ready for pick-up or delivery.