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Plant Lists

Find your plants in our easy-to-use lists.
With so many attractive choices, we recognize that choosing the right plants for your customer’s project can be a bit challenging.

To make it easier for you, we offer three different Plant Lists—including our weekly updated Availability List—to help you find the plants that you’re looking for.

Because we’re both a plant grower + plant broker, Bay Area Landscape Pros have come to rely on us for over 155 years as the wholesale nursery that can get the exact plants they need, when they need it.

Find your plants in the lists below.

This comprehensive Plant Availability List is updated weekly and it will tell you plant sizes, quantities, and details about what’s available for sale at our Colma location. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know and we will search for it within our extensive vendor network.
If you’re looking for an efficient and effective plant selection strategy, check out some of the Most Popular Plants used by Bay Area Landscape Pros. From ground covers and grasses to flowering shrubs and trees, to vines and succulents, just click on the plant that you’re interested in to learn all about it and order it.
Our Growing Plant List is an alphabetized and searchable list of all of the plants that are in production and growing now at all of our facilities. If an item appears on this list, it does not guarantee immediate availability. If you’re interested in a specific item and size, contact us to confirm availability for purchase.

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