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Submit your entry to the SF Sidewalk Garden Contest

SF Sidewalk Garden Contest

The San Francisco Department of Public Works is having a Sidewalk Garden Contest promoting sustainable landscapes and community involvement through transforming grey sidewalk areas into green landscaped spaces

Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood | Pacific Nurseries

Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood

Eddie’s White Wonder Dogwood is a magnificent tree featuring beautiful white flowers that grow to more than four inches in diameter in the spring.

Garden for the Environment | San Franciscso

Garden of the Environment in SF

One of the great public gardens in San Francisco hosting classes on organic gardening, soils, herbs, container gardening and more is the Garden of the Environment located in the Sunset district.

Brooks Park Community Garden

Brooks Park Community Garden

The Brooks Park Community Garden is a passionate mix of gardening, community, art and beautiful views right in San Francisco.

Benches Garden | Portrero Hill

New Community Gardens

Learn more about some of the great community gardens throughout the Bay Area filled with passionate gardeners and amazing plants.