Eggs, Beekman Boys, Community Gardens and Radical Homemakers.

It seems like the media is coming at us in all directions on the topical issue of sustainable gardening, farming and how to be more earth friendly concerning the food we consume. The SF Chronicle, magazines, and television shows all produce content on green living and sustainable foods.

No better way to walk your talk than to eat what you grow.

The Beekman Boys | Sustainable Food

Focus on sustainable gardening, farming and how to be more earth friendly.

A strange, but interesting reality show, “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” is on the Green Channel and follows two successful men who decide to leave the New York city life to try their hand at sustainable farming, along with cheese and soap making.

It’s mostly about their relationship, but you get a good look at how they are farming and their principles. They eat what they grow and they strongly promote sustainable farmers. Check out the Green Planet website and the Beekman Boys.

Growing awareness about what we’re growing and why.

Micheal Pollan, the writer of The Omnivore’s Dilema, is a writer exploring the foods we eat and where we get them. Pollan writes with elequence about our children’s health, our eating, and the health of the environment that sustains life on earth. He was recently on CNN discussing the egg recall the how eggs are mass produced in factory farms. Sure, eggs are more expensive to produce them naturally, but why is our health not more valuable that a few cents more for food.

Even the Getty Museum in Los Angeles had a segment on the permaculture on the PBS show Victory Garden. (permaculture:using agricultural plant in permanent landscapes. Basically, using herbs and veggies like ornamentals.) I’m not sure what kind of audience this is getting, but the awareness is certainly growing.

How about you?

Are you considering and implementing sustainable practices for your customers and garden installations? Share your story.

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