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Magnolia sieboldii: What a gem for any installation

Magnolia Sieboldii | Pacific Nurseries

If you’ve got a project underway that requires trees for a patio or highly visible location, consider the beautiful Magnolia sieboldii.

As every landscape professional knows, trees provide the structure and primary focal points in a garden. They shade hot areas, provide shelter and habitat for birds and add beauty through every season.

The Magnolia sieboldii does all of this and more as a beautiful addition to just about any Bay Area landscape.

A blooming beauty for any Bay Area installation

Magnolia Sieboldii | Pacific NurseriesThis fantastic tree will get about 15 feet tall and works well in planter beds around patios and on uphill slopes.

The leaves are about 3-6 inches long. The Magnolia sieboldii grows best in part sun or shade in some of the hotter areas around the bay.

It also features an open white flower with a prominent purple-red stamen that’s just magnificent when it blooms.

Consider a Magnolia sieboldii for your project

All in all,  this Magnolia is a great tree worth considering for your next installation. If you want to learn more or see a specimen first hand, stop by our Colma growing grounds to look over our many sizes in inventory.

You can also give our specialists a call or send an email to check on availability for immediate delivery.

Need an Estimate for Magnolia sieboldii?

To place a Plant Material Order for Magnolia sieboldii, get an Estimate or to discuss the unique needs of your landscape project, just send us an email or give us a call at 650.755.2330.

If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can get what you need, when you need it as both a Grower and Plant Broker.

We can also provide an Estimate for one item or for an entire installation by attaching your Microsoft Excel .xlsx plant list to our convenient Online Estimate Form.

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