Garden for the Environment in SF

Garden for the Environment | San Franciscso

A community garden like no other in San Francisco

One of the nicest public gardens in San Francisco is the Garden of the Environment | GOTE.

A Public Garden like no other in San Francisco

San Francisco Community Gardens

San Francisco Community Gardens are flourshing

It is a narrow strip of land off 7th ave in a protected low area of the close in Sunset. There are perennials and shrubs of many kinds and right now (June) it is looking especially beautiful. I especially like the white Fairy Wand and Phlomis.

This great urban gardening resource hosts classes on organic gardening, soils, herbs, container gardening, etc. Their website is also a wealth of information on almost any gardening topic. 

Drop by, take a stroll through the garden and see all the great specimens planted here.

Check it out when you’re in San Francisco.

And let us know what your think of the GOTE garden. We’d love to hear and share your comments!

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