Lomandra: Up and Coming Plant.

Lomandra | Pacific Nurseries

Lomandra | Pacific Nurseries

If you have one of those hard to fill spots in your landscape project, consider Lomandra—sometimes called Mat Rush. This great plant is a native of Australia and it is very flexible and resilient plant that grows well in sun or shade. There are many varieties of Lomandra and we often have a number of specimens on hand.

Great texture and versatility for any installation.

Lomandra varieties vary in size, leaf color and leaf blade width. All varieties are mounding plants with strap like leaves of green or blue-green. The varieties range in size from 1 foot tall to 3 feet tall. A few of the many great attributes of this versatile plant is the ability to do well near the seacoast and to grow well in sun or shade.

Lomandra ‘Breeze’, ‘Nyalla’, ‘Seascape’, ”Tropic Bell’, ‘Little Con’ are all varieties worth a look over at our growing grounds in Colma. And all of them are available for purchase or delivery in one of our regularly schduled routes throughout the Bay Area. Give us a call at 650.755.233o or send an email to learn more.

Right for your project?

So what are your thought so this versatile landscape plant? Share your thoughts or let us know if you would consider it for your project. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • I love Lomandra, just ‘discovered’ it a couple years ago at Strybing and us volunteers took a shine to it, especailly when it was backlit and moving in the breeze on the potting tables.

    the one thing I would mention is that the flower/seed stems are prickly, so I’d keep it away from places where people would be brushing by it or children are playing.

    the ones I take care of now are quite big, I am curious what smaller size varieties are available, since most of my sites are single lot backyards.

  • jsmbythebay

    Wondering if anyone has recommendations on the differences between breeze and seascape. Specifically, their hardiness or acceptable planting areas. We love seascape’s color, but, we only have experience in the (great) hardiness of breeze….