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Landscape Pros in high demand as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted

Landscape Pros in high demand | Pacific Nurseries

After weeks of mandatory shelter-in-place, COVID-19 fatigue is pervasive. Yet, in challenging times like this, there’s often a silver lining.

While small businesses in the Bay Area are gearing up or partially re-opening, Landscape Professionals received the timely benefit of being classified as “essential businesses” while public health officials and government agencies clarified their shelter-in-place directives over the last few weeks.

The result is some Landscape Pros, including Jason Hiller of Forevergreen Landscape in San Francisco, have had the opportunity to continue working with their clients while many Bay Area businesses were required to close or stop operations completely.

Bay Area turns to Landscape Pros for COVID relief

Don Baldocchi, president of Pacific Nurseries, was recently featured on KQED’s Morning Edition in a radio story by Brian Watt about how Professional Gardeners and Landscapers Are in High Demand—right now.

To hear the full episode, click the button below to go KQED, then click LISTEN to hear the show.

Impact and transformation in Colma

While retail plant nurseries have been busy over the last few weeks providing garden essentials to homeowners, wholesale nurseries that sell strictly to Landscape Professionals have been challenged with the impact of COVID-19 and the frequently-changing government requirements.

Don Baldocchi shared in the KQED radio interview that revenue practically came to a halt after the first shelter-in-place order took effect in mid-March.

We pretty much had to close down because many of our customers—local Bay Area Landscape Professionals—shut down as well,” Baldocchi said.

Pacific Nurseries then had to furlough nearly all 60 of their employees. And after trimming operations to a minimum and then securing a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program | PPP in mid-April, they were able to expand operations to accommodate rising customer demand—all while meeting local government requirements.

Don added, “I was amazed but we made it. As soon as we received our PPP loan and confirmed that we could operate with new procedures to be compliant with government requirements, I got on the phone and talked to everyone who was willing to come back, to buy plants for their project from us.

Brighter days ahead for Landscape Pros

A steady stream of Landscape Pros has been returning to Pacific Nurseries while adjusting to the new safety protocols and procedures now in place to protect customers and staff.

What’s more, many Landscape Pros have shared that they have several projects lined up for clients looking to invest in improving their landscapes. And that’s good for everyone in the Bay Area as we move to the other side of the coronavirus crisis.

Ready to help with your COVID-19 recovery

Serving Landscape Professionals for over 150 years | Pacific Nurseries
For over 150 years, landscape pros have turned to us for our personalized service, expert advice, and an ever-growing selection of plants that includes everything from the ordinary to the exotic.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we can provide just the right trees or native, water-wise plants that will make your project a success. It’s one of the many qualities that make us different from just an ordinary nursery.

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