Consider grasses for Winter interest.

In the cold and gray months of Winter, most people, and even landscape pros, don’t typically think of ornamental grasses as source of landscape beauty. 

However, there are a number of grasses that provide striking foliage and impressive visual impact throughout the Winter season. In fact, many of them look terrific all year long.

Beauty, simplicity and texture for any season.

Carex testacea

Carex testacea | Pacific Nurseries

Carex testacea | Pacific Nurseries

Carex testacea is a sedge with attractive reddish-orange foliage throughout the year. 

Lomandra longifolia ‘Tropic Belle’

Lomandra | Pacific Nurseries

Lomandra | Pacific Nurseries

Lomandra longifolia ‘Breeze’ and Lomandra longifolia ‘Tropic Belle’ both maintain lush, green tropical foliage throughout even the coldest and rainiest Bay Area winters. 

Stipa arundinacea

Stipa arundinacea | Pacific Nurseries

Stipa arundinacea | Pacific Nurseries

Stipa arundinacea (pheasant’s tail grass) and Stipa tenuissima (Mexican feather grass) are two additional species which look great in just about any installation.

Muhlenbergia dumos

Muhlenbergia dumosa | Pacific Nurseries

Muhlenbergia dumosa | Pacific Nurseries

Rounding out some selections worth considering for a project underway this time of year is Muhlenbergia dumosa—a bamboo-like selection of Muhlenbergia.

Expert advice on grasses, installation and so much more.

The San Francisco Bay Area has cosiderably mild winters allowing these grasses to flourish year round. Pacific Nurseries grows all of these grasses and always has a large selection of specimen sizes available for pick up or delivery.

To learn more about these great plants and how they can work in your specific installation, speak to one of our specialists, send us an email inquiry or request an Estimate with our convenient online Estimate and Order Form.

What’s your favorite winter plant?

And if you install any of these great plants, please share your photos of the project. We’d love to see how these unique specimens improved your project or helped you succeed with your customer.

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