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How we get you all the plants you need

Best practices for your Plant Order | Pacific Nurseries
We do our best to get the exact plants that Bay Area landscape pros are looking for. That’s why they’ve been turning to us for over 150 years to help them with this essential service.

As both a grower with over 40 acres of plants and as a broker with a huge plant material network, we have access to a very large inventory of plants. This uncommon combination provides the best opportunity for us to get you just the plants you’re looking for.

And while it may look easy, filling a plant Order can sometimes be challenging. The reasons are many, including:

  • Unusual, yet popular varieties may be available but in limited sizes and quantities
  • Landscapes, and the plants in them, are subject to trends—That’s why we work hard to be aware of them and stock what’s current and in demand
  • In a strong economy, demand for plants can outpace supply
Best practices for your Plant Order

1 | Get an Estimate

The best way for you, and us, to be clear on the plants your project needs, what they’ll cost, and how we can get them to you on the date that you need them, is to request a plant material Estimate.

There’s no faster or easier way to do that than with our convenient online Estimate form. With the information that we provide on our Estimate, you’ll know if you want to place an Order with us or not.

2 | Act Fast, Stuff Happens

When you get an Estimate, and then chose to move ahead with a Plant Material Order, it’s best to do it within 1-3 days of receipt of your Estimate. That way, you improve the opportunity to get the exact plants that we said were available.

3 | Tell us when you need your plants

Make sure that you provide a preferred Will Call pick-up or Delivery date with every order. Orders can be held in Will Call for up to 15 days after completion and notification that your Order is assembled and complete.
And if you need your plants delivered, our truck fleet makes scheduled deliveries throughout the Bay Area

How your plant Order gets assembled

When you place an Order online or in person at our Sales Office in Colma, all of the plants in your Order will be sourced.

The Pacific Nurseries specialist managing your Order has first-hand knowledge of the plants in our 40 acres of inventory as well as what nurseries in our large network that are best qualified to provide what we don’t have on hand. Every effort is made to provide your plants with the specs that you’ve requested including specimen size, variety, color + form.

Once we source all of your plants, your Pacific Nurseries Customer Service Representative | CSR will then update you on the status or completion of your Order and all of the items within it. And if some plants are unavailable, delayed for delivery or out of stock, we make it a priority to communicate with you in the method that you prefer including:

  • | Email
  • | Call
  • | In-person

And if you ever want an update on the status of your Order, just contact your Customer Service Representative whenever it’s convenient.
Plant Order Processing | Pacific Nurseries
We do our best to avoid substitutions and surprises | Pacific Nurseries
If any item is unavailable for whatever reason, we’ll provide some palatable alternatives including:

  • | a different container size
  • | a different color or form
  • | if delayed, an estimated date when the plants will be available for pick up or delivery

And if you just have to have only what was specified on the Order, it’s very important to let us know that you will accept NO SUBSTITUTIONS on your Order. And if we can’t find or get you what you want, you’ll know why.

How to avoid substitutions or surprises

No one wants to be surprised when their plant order shows up and a substitution has been made. Especially if no one gave you a “heads up” in advance. We do our best to avoid that.

Unlike an ordinary wholesale nursery, Pacific Nurseries is both a plant grower and broker. And even though our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted, a grower in our network may inform us that they have the exact specimens that you were looking for in the size, color and quantity that you wanted.

But when an order is placed with us, it’s not uncommon for grower to fail to notify us that the plants that you needed were sold to someone else.

The result is that the grower may only have the plant specimen in the quantity you were looking for in a 1 gallon size instead of the 4″ size that was specified on your Order. All the more reason to act fast and place your plant Order as soon as possible after you receive an Estimate from us.
Improve the opportunity for your plant Order to succeed | Pacific Nurseries
We do our best to avoid substitutions and surprises | Pacific Nurseries
When we have to source your plants from our grower network, average Order turn around time can vary from one day to a few days depending on the quantity of in-stock items. This variance is due to plant availably and the plant providers delivery schedule.

The delivery schedules of our plant providers include:
  • On request
  • 2 to 3 times a week
  • Bi-monthly

If you need your plant material ASAP, we will work with you to select varieties that are either available on-site or come from one of our more frequent delivery partners.

Doing our best to get it right

As we disclose on our Terms + New Accounts page, all of our plants are guaranteed to be what we say they are. Whether they were grown by us or by a partner in our network, they will be healthy and ready for installation. With proper installation, irrigation, and care, they should thrive and beautify a landscape for years.

If you have an issue with a plant or an item on an Order, we will do our best to address it—within reason—to help you make your project a success. Just contact your Customer Service Representative to learn more.

Satisfaction within reach

We know that you rely on us to provide plants and great service to help you succeed.

And if you follow the best practices we’ve outlined here, you improve the opportunity for your plant Order to be processed smoothly with no surprises or unnecessary delays.

If you have a question or want to learn more, just reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

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