Consider succulents for low maintenance and low water.

Water wise succulents for low maintenance | Pacific Nurseries

For installations that require low maintenance plants and that are stingy on water needs, nothing could be better or easier than the multifaceted succulents!  With astounding variety of leaf texture and color, these landscape gems provide interest and focal points in the garden.

Low maintenance specimens worth consideration.

One of my favorites is Echeveria elegans, also known as the ‘Mexican Snowball.’  This plant, pictured on our home page, is a tough succulent that provides great color and contrast to other darker leafed plants. It’s a perfect solution for inserting in rock walls or any other random crevice you can find in your project.

Another great low growing succulent is Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’. It grows well in shadier gardens and has bright yellow leaves that lighten up any dark areas. It also mixes well with many styles and conditions. I grow it myself in both tropical and succulent pots.

For a great focal plant, look no further than Agave franzosinii. This giant Agave grows 6 to 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Agave franzosinii’s silver/blue leaves make its presence known. It requires summer irrigation in hot inland climates to look its best but it’s remarkably hardy and very low maintenance.

Give your clients the succulent gardens their looking for.

Pacific Horticulture magazine recently published an extensive article on how landscape professionals throughout Northern California are expanding their plant palettes to include these uniquely functional plants. The article discloses how over the last few years, landscape architects and designers are recognizing that more and more clients are asking specifically for custom-designed succulent gardens.

These succulents are the perfect plants for your client that’s concerned about plants that require little water and very little maintenance. We offer dozens of other succulent varieties in our large on hand inventory. Stop by our Colma growing grounds to see all of the other succulents we carry and to find inspiration for including some of these desert beauties in your next project.

Low Water Succulents | Pacific Nurseries

Echeveria elegans | Agave franzosinii | Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’

Have you installed succulents that your customers love?

Have you been using any succulents in your projects that are worth sharing? Let us know what you’ve found that your clients love. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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