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What are we growing right now?

Growing Plant List | Pacific Nurseries
If you’re a Bay Area Landscape Pro, you’ve told us that our Growing Plant List should be a comprehensive list of what we’re growing right now at Pacific Nurseries.

Having worked with landscape pros for over a hundred and fifty years, we understand that it can be a challenge to get the right plants that you’re looking for—in the right sizes, form, and color—to make your project a success.

And we recognize that your customers have high expectations of you to make their landscape beautiful, water-efficient, and functional.

As a result, this new list can help you with planning and purchasing plants for a landscape project to meet your customer’s installation and personal preference requirements.

The Growing Plant List—what we’re growing right now

Our Growing Plant List is an alphabetized list of all of the plants that are growing and in development at Pacific Nurseries. It includes all of the plants that we’re growing right now in production at our three growing facilities along with their available sizes.

Many items on this list and their sizes are typically in stock. And some items may not have been produced by Pacific Nurseries.

If an item appears on this list, it does not guarantee immediate availability. If you’re interested in a specific item and size, contact us online or call 650.755.2330 to confirm availability for purchase.
Easy-to-search Growing Plant List | Pacific Nurseries
Search for your plants in our alphabetized list of what we’re growing right now | Pacific Nurseries

Easy to find what’s growing right now

You can search our Growing Plant List for just the specimens that you’re looking for. Or you can toggle through it from A to Z and sort it by the number of items that you can view. You can even download it, share it, or print it if you prefer to have a hard copy on hand for reference.

Check it out and learn more just by clicking the button below.

Much more than any list

Even though we have growing grounds throughout the Bay Area, we recognize that all of the plants in these facilities may never be enough.

That’s why as both a plant grower and plant broker, Bay Area Landscape Pros have come to rely on us as the wholesale nursery that can get the exact plants in the quantity that they’re looking for when they need them.
Healthier plants are all the buzz | Pacific Nurseries
Diversity of plants + trees improves bee health + intake of essential nutrients | Pacific Nurseries

From the ordinary to the exotic for over a century

Serving Landscape Professionals for over 150 years | Pacific Nurseries From one item to an entire installation, our seasoned nursery specialists are ready to work with you to get the plants you need for pick up or delivery. These experienced pros can also answer questions about plants that you’re considering for your landscape project.

For over 150 years, our community of Landscape Pros has turned to us for our personalized service, expert advice and an ever-growing selection of plants in over 40 acres of inventory that includes everything from the ordinary to the exotic.

And if you want to know what’s in season and looking great right now for your project, check out our Prime Plant List. This regularly updated list is an easy-to-use summary of items we have in limited availability and prime seasonal condition.

If you need a Plant Material Estimate or would like to place a Plant Order, just click on over to use our convenient ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

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