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Jeff Gamboni Landscape Architect | In the SPOTLIGHT

Gamboni Landscape Architect | Pacific Nurseries
We often like to recognize the unique and valued partnerships that we have developed with many Bay Area Landscape Professionals. For example, Landscape architect, Jeff Gamboni.

As a member of our rich and diverse community of Pros, Jeff is among other landscape architects, landscape contractors, facilities managers, government agencies and other landscape services organizations.

Seasoned Landscape Architects in Stockton

Jeff is the founder and principal of The Office of Jeffrey F. Gamboni Landscape Architect | JFGLA.

As a Harvard University, Graduate School of Design alumni with a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, he leads a five-person office he founded in 1992.

Jeff is also a certified arborist. He added these credentials to his extensive training and expertise because he sought to understand trees’ biology better and wanted intimate knowledge of the proper techniques for planting, pruning, and the continuum of care required for all trees.

Jeff guides the work at JFGLA to reflect his interest and passion for planting design that uses arboriculture and horticulture to inform plant selections and locations. This helps to ensure that plant selection and decisions are based on the long-term effectiveness of the plant material, not just cosmetic aesthetics.

JFGLA’s full range of services include:
  • | Landscape Design | Bringing ideas to life
  • | Designing for the future | Low-maintenance landscapes
  • | Remodeling | Outdoor spaces for living
  • | Pre-Construction Design | Bringing outdoor + indoor spaces together
  • | Experienced Partners | Proven + tested contractor team

Impressive project variety + scope

JFGLA doesn’t focus on a particular type of project. Instead, the variety of their work spans many categories and locations as this diversity has become increasingly complex.
Gamboni Landscape Architect Portfolio | Pacific Nurseries
A rich portfolio of sustainable landscape solutions | Gamboni Landscape Architect
While working out of their Stockton office for over 30 years, JFGLA has extensive experience in Design and planning projects throughout the Bay Area. They have also had engagements in Japan, Montana, Idaho, and along the Pacific Coast with projects that include:

  • | Urban Plazas
  • | Wineries
  • | Country Clubs
  • | Restaurants
  • | Parks
  • | Boulevards
  • | Shopping Centers
  • | Office Buildings
  • | Schools
  • | Private Residences

A few of their local award-winning projects include:
Stockton’s Delta Water Supply Project | 2012
Stockton Marina and Joan Darrah Promenade | 2008-2009
City Centre Cinema + Janet Leigh Plaza | 2003
Weber Point Event Center | 1998

These projects demonstrate JFGLA’s expertise in collaborating with public agencies and many participants with high requirements. They also reflect JFGLA’s diverse experience, focus on sustainability and rigorous attention to detail.

Experts in long-term sustainability

JFGLA collaborates with architects and engineers to introduce meaningful site enhancements and contributions to a project that support LEED certification whenever possible.

They also promote and foster sustainability by integrating these attributes in all of their design solutions:

  1. | Drought-tolerant plantings
  2. | Lower water use
  3. | Reduced maintenance costs
  4. | Careful + deliberate plant selection
  5. | Placement + installation location to reduce pruning
  6. | Non-potable water sources—when available
  7. | Water-conserving + efficient irrigation plans
  8. | Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance compliance | CA Assembly Bill 1881

How Landscape Architect, Jeff Gamboni gives back

Jeff takes great pride in the work that his firm has done for Stockton—including pro bono work that demonstrates his commitment to his profession and a desire to give back to the community.
Gerry Dunlap Rose Garden in Victory Park | Gamboni Landscape Architect
Gerry Dunlap Rose Garden in Victory Park | Gamboni Landscape Architect
In addition to planning and designing this beautiful, outdoor community space, JFGLA also organized and participated in fundraising to build it. They also engage in landscape care-giving and maintenance to ensure that this community asset remains a prominent attraction that instills community pride.

The JFGLA team also leads free classes where they guide and instruct visitors on proper rose pruning and care techniques.

Our partnership with Landscape architect, Jeff Gamboni

Gamboni Landscape Architecture has been working with Pacific Nurseries for over 30 years.

Jeff describes his passion for hands-on experience and selection of plant material as an outgrowth of doing plant installation work in the 1970s. He has always enjoyed visiting nurseries and tracking down unusual plants.

Today, he purchases everything from ground covers, grasses, CA native plants, shrubs, and trees from Pacific Nurseries at both the Stockton | King Island and Colma growing grounds.
“It’s great to have a nursery partner that can track down and locate out of the ordinary plants that we just can’t get locally.
Jeffrey F. Gamboni | Landscape Architect
He also added, “After working with Pacific Nurseries for decades, they consistently demonstrate their broad reach and unique ability to source and deliver specific specimens or difficult to find plants and trees. They’ve always been responsive and are quick to address our particular needs for a great landscape solution.”

Thankful for easy estimates + ordering

Jeff is a frequent user of the convenient online Estimate/Order Form that allows him to get an estimate or place a plant material order right from his computer or mobile device.

To learn more about Gamboni Landscape Architecture, visit them online or just give Jeff a call.
Jeffrey F. Gamboni | Landscape Architect
Email |
Call | 209.948.8335
Landscape Architect | CA License #2702
Certified Arborist | Western Chapter International
Society of Arboriculture | #WE-0520A

Serving Landscape Professionals for over 150 years

Serving Landscape Professionals for over 150 years | Pacific NurseriesIf you’re looking for some great, sustainable plant solutions or out-of-the-box inspiration for your next project, we’ve got you covered.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right trees and CA native, water-wise plants that will make your project a success.

It’s one of the many qualities that has made us different from just an ordinary nursery for over 155 years.

To get a plant material Estimate or to place an Order, just click on over to use our ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

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