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2023 Landscape Pro Survey winners + participants share their insights to help you succeed

2023 Landscape Pro Survey Winners | Pacific Nurseries
Pacific Nurseries recently conducted a confidential 2023 Landscape Pro Survey with Bay Area professionals to learn more about their unique challenges and what they’re looking for from a Wholesale Nursery.

Our survey was also intended to help us better understand your experience with Pacific Nurseries and what we can do to help you be a better Landscape Pro.

Three Bay Area 2023 Landscape Pro Survey winners

To thank our community for their time and effort in completing and submitting the 2023 Landscape Pro Survey between May 1 and May 30, 2023, we automatically entered every respondent in a random prize drawing.

And on June 19, 2023, we notified the three pros below that they were the lucky winners of the following prizes:
Step 1 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries
FIRST PRIZE | Apple iPad
Joana Smolen | Sagebrush Garden Design LP
Step 2 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries
SECOND PRIZE | 25% Savings on one Plant Order up to $999
Jennifer Bromme | Jennifer Bromme Landscape Design
Step 3 for Estimate | Pacific Nurseries
THIRD PRIZE | Free Bay Area Delivery of one Plant Order up to $999
Danielle Boyington | Wildpretti Horticulture + Design
When we contacted the winners, each of them asked us to share their comments and a summary of their business.


Sagebrush Garden Design LP | Redwood City

Sagebrush Garden Design specializes in designing and installing residential gardens in both San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. With a focus on native, edible, and water-wise gardens, Joana Smolen leads a team that believes beautiful green spaces should be accessible to everyone. And with solutions tailored to each client’s unique garden aesthetic, function, and climate, they provide full-service landscaping to bring a garden to life within an agreed to budget.

Their local services include instructing blossoming gardeners in techniques and skills for maintaining their plants and irrigation system. And whenever possible, California-native plants are integrated into their garden design solutions.
• Design Consultation
• Planting Plans
• Landscape Spruce-up
• Hardscapes
• Irrigation + Repair
• Fertilizing
• Maintenance
• Plant Care Training
To learn more or contact Sagebrush Garden Design LP, just click the mobile icon to call, envelope to email, or globe to visit their website.
“Pacific Nurseries is our first stop for sourcing plants because they have a huge selection and a knowledgeable and supportive staff. Being able to rely on them makes running our business easier.”
Joana Smolen | Sagebrush Garden Design LP


Jennifer Bromme Landscape Design | Pacifica

Landscape Designer Jennifer Bromme studied Landscape Architecture to pursue her passion and focus on the need for people to be closer to nature and for nature to be closer to all people. She follows this guiding direction in her work with clients who are integral in that process at Jennifer Bromme Landscape Design.

With a focus on incorporating California native and low-water plants that provide animal habitat and enhanced aesthetics, she designs award-winning residential and commercial landscapes in the Bay Area.
• Design Consultation
• Landscape Planning + Design
• Plant Specification
• Hardscape
• Irrigation
• Installation
• Maintenance + Care
To learn more or contact Jennifer Bromme Landscape Design, just click the mobile icon to call, envelope to email, or globe to visit their website.
“When the plants I’m looking for are out of stock or hard to find, Pacific Nurseries is always able to find us a great alternative that keeps our customers happy.”
Jennifer Bromme | Jennifer Bromme Landscape Design


Wildpretti | San Francisco

Lifetime San Francisco Bay Area resident, Danielle Boyington, is the principal at Wildpretti Horticulture + Design.  As an artist and professional horticulturist, her passion is discovering new plants and their ideal habitats.

She provides landscape design and installation services for both outdoor landscapes and interior spaces. She also helps her customers with advice and guidance on fine gardening and plant care for indoor houseplants, gardens, water features, and more.
• Design Consultation
• Landscape Design
• Installation
• Maintenance + Plant Care
To learn more or contact Wildpretti Horticulture + Design, just click the mobile icon to call, envelope to email, or globe to visit their website.
“I love visiting your nursery to discover new and unusual plants that I may not have considered for my clients.”
Danielle Boyington | Wildpretti Horticulture + Design

Valued insights from our Bay Area Landscape Pro community

The survey results provided some valuable insights from our diverse Bay Area community and highlighted areas in need of attention. A few of the findings—including from the 2023 Landscape Pro Survey winners revealed:
  • Many Landscape Pros | LP’s are challenged with landscape design
  • LP’s want more than plants from a wholesale nursery including education, tips + resources
  • LP’s want guidance on landscape problem-solving + plant solutions
  • LP’s want to know how their peers are using plants with project examples
  • LP’s want to share their work with others
  • LP’s rely on wholesale nurseries for purchasing plants
  • LP’s want large plant inventory + wide selection from a nursery
  • Promotions + seasonal savings are somewhat valuable
  • And more
The result of the survey findings uncovered many opportunities to fill gaps and enhance our experience.

We will be addressing the input from our community in new services, operational improvements, and new content just for Landscape Pros. We look forward to sharing all of this with you soon.

Looking for just the right plants for your project?

If you’re looking for plants for your project, contact any of our Customer Service experts by clicking on the PHONE icon below their name to call. Or click on the ENVELOPE icon below their name to send an email directly to them.

If that’s all too complicated, just reach out at 650.755.2330.

You can also check out our plant lists including the Growing Plant List. This comprehensive, alphabetized, and searchable list includes all of the plants that we’re growing right now in available sizes.

Helping Bay Area Landscape Pros succeed for over 154 years

If the plants that you want are not on our lists, we’ll do all that we can to get you what you want, when you need it.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right plants—including California natives—that will make your project a success with your clients.

Our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted to ensure that what you’re looking for is more than likely what we can get—or what we can grow.

We can also provide an Estimate for one item or for an entire installation. Just attach your Microsoft Excel .xlsx plant list to our ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

Thanks to the 2023 Landscape Pro Survey winners and to everyone that shared their views

We want to offer our special thanks to all of you who took the time to take the 2023 Landscape Pro Survey. Please join us in celebrating with Joana, Jennifer, and Daniella by sharing their win with others in our Bay Area Landscape Pro community.

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