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If you’ve got time, a Contract Grow can guarantee plant availability + price certainty

Nvidia Campus | Pacific Nurseries Contract Grow
If you’re working on a big landscape project that will need a lot of plants, what could be worse than not being able to get the exact plants in the large quantity that you need, when you need them?

To avoid this disappointing outcome, consider a Pacific Nurseries Contract Grow.

What’s a Contract Grow?

A Contract Grow ensures that the plants or trees that you need are available when you need them at a guaranteed price. Even better, the plants or trees grown with this custom service will meet your specifications in the quantity that your project requires.

Our Contract Grow service is generally suited for projects that need a large number of plants and/or trees at least 6-8 months in the future. Frequently, these larger projects have detailed requirements for the planted material that is documented and easily shared.

Whether you need a lot of plants and trees or the growth of some uncommon specimens, we can work with you to provide all of the quality plants that you’re looking for.

We use the general guidelines below for minimum plant or tree quantities to consider if a Contract Grow is right for you.
+100 units   |   Plants, Shrubs, Grass, Ground Cover
+10 units   |   24″ Trees + larger
+5 units   |   Specialty Plants + Trees

A specialty service not appropriate for every project

In many cases, our Contract Grow service may not be necessary for your project.

Because we do our best to always have a large volume of inventory on-hand from our three Growing Grounds in the Bay Area.

In the unique climates and locations of our Colma, Stockton, and San Martin Growing Grounds, we have acres of inventory including ground covers, flowering shrubs, CA natives, and large specimen trees. The result is an ever-growing selection of plants available to Bay Area Landscape Pros.
“We frequently turn to Pacific Nurseries for our contract grow work because they can provide the wide variety of plant material needed to meet our diverse requirements. This gives us the peace of mind that our materials and pricing are secure so we can focus on installing the best quality landscapes possible.”
Dave Haslem | Installation Purchasing Manager, Jensen Landscape

How will it take to grow my plants?

Depending on the finished plant or tree sizes and quantities that you need, a Contract Grow can take from several months to more than a year.

In our experience, at least 6-8 months will be required to make a Contract Grow successful. The type and sizes of the plant materials needed will affect the time required to grow.

Therefore, it’s essential that you contact us as soon as possible to share your requirements with us so that we can assess what it will take to get your plants or trees on time.
Plants are isolated in dedicated areas of our growing grounds for a Contract Grow | Pacific Nurseries

What can you expect with a Contract Grow?

When we provide this specialty service,  this is what you can expect from us:
Quantities + sizes grown to your specifications
Fixed pricing to meet budget requirements
Healthy plants grown + cared for by nursery specialists
Elimination of costly delays or unavailability
Opportunity to check on plant status
Convenient Bay Area location
Plants ready for delivery on specific date

How it works

Because a Contract Grow requires time and many resources to successfully complete, we make the process simple and easy to understand.

The steps below cover the basics. Each grow service may have some minor differences but every one of them essentially follows these guidelines.
  1. | Customer submits an Estimate request for a Contract Grow—online, via email, or call
  2. | Customer provides all plant specs, quantities, delivery date + custom requirements
  3. | Pacific Nurseries provides Contract Grow Estimate back to customer
  4. | Customer approves Contract Grow Estimate + sends PO to Pacific Nurseries
  5. | Pacific Nurseries sends customer Contract Grow Agreement via email
  6. | Customer returns signed Contract Grow Agreement with 50% deposit
  7. | Upon receipt of signed Agreement + deposit, Pacific Nurseries begins plant production + growing
  8. | Grown plants are ready on agreed to date
  9. | Final net payment due upon delivery
All Contract Grown plants and trees must be delivered or picked-up within 30 days of the end of the Contract Grow Agreement date. Any plant material left at our facility beyond that date will accrue maintenance and storage fees for up to 60 additional days.

Once that date has passed, any outstanding plant material balance and incurred maintenance + storage fees will be billed to the customer. Requirements outside of these guidelines must be reviewed and agreed to in advance.
“Pacific Nurseries is able to locate those hard-to-find items in the volumes that we need for our commercial projects. Having these items grown and timed for our future installations takes the load off our sourcing spur of the moment.”
Julie Guzior | Purchasing Manager, Maniglia Landscape Construction

Not our first Contract Grow

As California’s longest operating wholesale nursery, we’ve successfully grown and delivered thousands and thousands of plants and trees in our Contract Grow service for many highly visible projects and customers throughout the Bay Area.

Below are a few recent award-winning examples that demonstrate the type of projects that are appropriate for this specialty service.
Plant Quantity


Nvidia Campus | Santa Clara

Sares-Regis Group of Northern California worked with NVIDIA to develop a new corporate campus in Santa Clara. The design solution incorporated extensive,  landscaped green-space throughout the site including a large park that connects 250,000 square feet of buildings and parking on four podium levels.
Landscape Contractor
Maniglia Landscape Inc.

Contract Grow Completed

Primary Plants + Trees
Quercus warei ‘Kindred Spirit’
Chondropetalum t. ‘El Campo’
Lomandra l. ‘Platinum Beauty’
Plant Quantity


Van Ness Avenue | San Francisco

This massive SFMTA project provided a solution to improve transit service and address traffic congestion on Van Ness Avenue. The project also included extensive utility maintenance with civic and safety enhancements that have revitalized this historic San Francisco corridor. Installation of new landscaping, feature trees, and rain gardens also added to both the visual and functional improvements in the project.
Landscape Contractor
Bauman Landscape Construction

Contract Grow Completed

Primary Plants + Trees
Corymbia citriodora
Lomandra c. ‘Seascape’
Hesperaloe parviflora
Plant Quantity


Sonoma State University | Rohnert Park

The Stevenson Hall renovation at Sonoma State University was designed to refresh the facility into a 21st-century academic learning environment and provide educational and meeting areas. The project features state-of-the-art classroom and lecture spaces designed to a LEED Gold sustainability standard. Natural sunlight throughout, the use of green materials and enhanced energy efficiency all compliment the new landscaping and featured trees that surrounds the project.
Landscape Contractor
Shooter & Butts, Inc.

Contract Grow Completed

Primary Plants + Trees
Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Woodwardia fimbriata
Arctostaphylos m. ‘Dr. Hurd’
Plant Quantity


Google Alta | Mountain View

SWA worked with developers and architects to design Google Headquarters by treating the park and the campus as one landscape. In order to raise the profile and impact of the landscape, the buildings and office facilities were raised above the green spaces. Extensive landscaping provided green relief for the staff, visitors, and neighbors of this tech giant.
Landscape Contractor
Brightview Landscape Development Inc.

Contract Grow Completed

Primary Plants + Trees
Festuca californica
Achillea millefolium
Monardell villosa

Over 155 years of growing success

As both a plant grower and plant broker, we’ve learned what it takes to satisfy Bay Area Landscape Pros for over 150 years.

Our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted to ensure that what you’re looking for is more than likely what we can get—or what we can grow.

And as licensed growers of many specialty and popular plants, our relationships with proven growing partners enable us to meet your plant and tree requirements with a level of confidence that other wholesale nurseries can’t match.

Ready to provide your plants or grow for you

If you need plants or trees right away, look over our Growing Plant List to learn what we have available right now. This comprehensive, alphabetized and searchable list includes all of the plants that we’re growing in available sizes.

If the plant you want is not on our list, we’ll do all that we can to get you what you want, when you need it.
Growing Plant List for fire-resistant landscape | Pacific Nurseries
Learn what we’re growing right now in available sizes | Pacific Nurseries
To learn more about Contract Grow, contact us online or just give us a call at 650.755.2330 to speak with one of our specialists. And if you want to get started on your Contract Grow, submit a Request for a Contract Grow Estimate.

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