Don’t trash them! Recycle your empty plant containers with us.

Recycle your empty plant containers | Pacific Nurseries

Every plant needed for a landscape installation comes in a nursery container. But what happens to it once the plant is installed in the ground?

Will it get thrown out as garbage and end up in landfill? Or will a conscious landscape pro take the time and make the effort to keep the Bay Area beautiful and green?

Over 200,000 containers a month saved from landfill.

Support the best green practices for our community and bring your empty plant containers to Pacific Nurseries. We’ll put them in the Plant Container Recycling Program that we’ve had in place for over 5 years.

That’s right, at Pacific Nurseries, we recycle or reuse over 200,000 plant containers a month. From mud flats to 15 gallon containers, that’s over 2 million plant containers a year that don’t spoil the landscape or end up as trash.

So when your next installation is complete, bring those empty plant containers to our Colma Sales Office and Growing Grounds. You’ll be doing your part to keep the Bay Area green after your plants go in the ground.

Share your green thoughts with us.

To learn more about the Pacific Nurseries Plant Container Recycling Program or to get help with your next landscape project, contact one of our landscape specialists. Or just call 650.755.2330.

And if you have any other green ideas on how we can help you, share them here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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