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The Garden Route Company | In the SPOTLIGHT

The Garden Route Company | Pacific Nurseries
We never take for granted the special community of landscape professionals that count on us for selection, personal service, and beautiful plants to meet their landscape project needs.

And we like to recognize our valued partnerships with these Bay Area landscape pros by shining a well-deserved SPOTLIGHT on one of them.

A unique and inspired landscape resource

The Garden Route Company | TGRC was founded over 20 years ago by South African native, Richard Radford and San Franciscan, Sandy Ayers.

The organization’s name was inspired by a stretch of South African coast which extends from the Western Cape to the Eastern Cape. The name comes from the verdant and ecologically diverse vegetation found there and the numerous lagoons and lakes dotted along the coast.

This region has a Mediterranean climate, with mild to warm summers, and mild to cool winters similar to our very own NorCal area of California. The Route, sandwiched between mountains and the Indian Ocean, is also home to nearly 300 species of birdlife ranging from forest to wetlands.

Integrated services from concept to installation

As licensed landscape architects, sophisticated design consultants, and experienced project managers, Richard and Sandy have rich skill sets with plenty of real-world expertise.

Their specialty is creating and constructing groundbreaking, out-of-the-ordinary, sustainable landscapes by providing full-service landscape design, build, and maintenance services. They target primarily, high-end, Bay Area residential customers with an emphasis on designing and creating unique environments that integrate California native and summer-dry-tolerant plants.

For individuals and organizations looking for a beautiful and sustainable landscape experience, their portfolio reflects the diversity and experienced perspective they bring to any landscape challenge.

This is exemplified by a recent award-winning project which they completed in Palo Alto.
Palo Alto Contemporary Retreat | The Garden Route Company
Palo Alto Contemporary Retreat | The Garden Route Company

The new home in this project was designed to make the most of the outdoors and integrated modern lines, contemporary features, and sustainable, organic accents. Landscape features by The Garden Route Company included:

  • | All plantings irrigated by a greywater system
  • | Pool heated by passive solar
  • | Roof and landscape water runoff kept onsite through bio-retention fields

This inspiring installation integrated many of the design principles and plant specimens that TGRC focuses on. The plant material for this project was also provided by Pacific Nurseries.

A history of successful partnership

The Garden Route Company has been a long time customer of Pacific Nurseries. They began working with us when the nursery was purchased by Don + Julie Baldocchi in 1997.

Since that time, principal Richard Radford has come to rely on Pacific Nurseries as his convenient, “go-to” place to hand-select specimens for his projects. It’s also where he can get inspiration on unique plants or sizes that he had not considered.
“As the only true, wholesale nursery in the San Francisco area, Pacific Nurseries has a great selection and variety of specimens that I can’t find within 30 or 40 miles of the City. They really do a great job of having a lot of inventory on hand. And I just love it when I find out of the ordinary specimens there.”
Richard Radford | The Garden Route Company
Richard and his team are also fans of the ability to place an order or get an estimate for plant material online.

To learn more about The Garden Route Company, visit them online or just give Richard a call at 650.583-3449 or 800.551.1123.

Thrive through the drought with CA natives

One of the best strategies to consider in our NorCal environment with a sustained drought is to go native. Native plants are important because they’re water efficient and provide biological diversity for surrounding ecosystems.

From ground covers and grasses to flowering shrubs and trees, native plants provide the benefits of lower water needs, reduced maintenance requirements, improved soil health, and increased diversity that attracts birds and butterflies.

If you want to learn more about CA native plants, feel free to contact any of our experts at Pacific Nurseries. As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right native plants and trees that will make your project a water-wise success. It’s one of the many qualities that make us different from just an ordinary nursery.

And if you need a plant material Estimate or would like to place an Order, just click on over to use our new and improved ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM

Are you ready to be in the spotlight?

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