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Huge Savings on Large Shrubs + Trees | Pacific Nurseries

There’s no better way to end a beautiful growing season than with a huge End-of-Summer Plant SALE.

That’s right. For a limited time, we’re offering our community of Bay Area Landscape Pros special savings on a select group of large-scale shrubs and trees at greatly reduced prices.

Sale Ends September 30, 2022

Your favorite large-scale shrubs + trees, now on sale

We’ve included some very popular shrubs and trees in this sale such as Acer, Boxwood, Crape Myrtle, Olive, Laurel, Dogwood, Magnolia, Oak, Fruit Trees, and lots more.

Many of these larger plants in our End-of-Summer SALE can improve the appearance of a project by instantly presenting a more full view of green plants in the landscape.

The bigger the size, the bigger the savings

Thousands of large shrubs + trees in the sizes listed below are dramatically discounted from our regular prices.
  • | 5 gal — 20 gal = 15% off
  • | 24″ box + 25 gal = 20% off
  • | 36″ box + larger = 25% off

Find your plants and order now to save

The Large-Scale Plant List below has all of the specimen inventory, sizes, and quantities available in this seasonal SALE. Check it out to find the plants that can make your project a more profitable and attractive success.
Botanical NameFormSizeQuantitySAVINGS
Acer buergerianumStd.242215%
Acer buergerianumStd.158815%
Acer circinatumStd.36220%
Acer p. 'Bloodgood'Mult.154315%
Acer p. 'Bloodgood'Mult.252220%
Acer p. 'Burgundy Lace'Mult.24115%
Acer p. 'Butterfly'Mult.15315%
Acer p. 'Butterfly'Low Branch251220%
Acer p. 'Butterfly'Mult.24615%
Acer p. 'Emperor I'Mult.152115%
Acer p. 'Fireglow'Mult.25320%
Acer p. HogyokuStd.36220%
Acer p. d. 'Negundo'Std.15915%
Acer p. 'Omurayama'Mult.20215%
Acer p. d. 'Orangeola'Mult.253120%
Acer p. 'Osakazuki'Mult.25820%
Acer p. d. 'Red Dragon'Mult.202115%
Acer p. d. 'Seiryu'Mult.15115%
Acer p. d. 'Seiryu'Mult.25120%
Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'Low Branch25720%
Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'Low Branch25820%
Acer p. Sango KakuStd.36220%
Acer p. d. TamukeyamaStd.361220%
Acer p. 'Tamukeyama'Mult.15215%
Acer p. TamakayumaStd.30725%
Acer p. d. 'Viridis'Mult.24215%
Acer palmatum (Green)Std.154715%
Acer palmatum (Green)Low Branch152015%
Acer palmatum (Green)Mult.251120%
Acer palmatum (Green)Std.24315%
Acer plat. 'Crimson King'Std.15915%
Acer r. 'Armstong Gold'Std.244915%
Acer r. 'Brandywine'Std.151015%
Acer r. 'October Glory'Std.15415%
Acer r. 'October Glory'Std.24815%
Acer r. 'Red Sunset'Std.154515%
Acer r. 'Red Sunset'Std.241315%
Acer r. October GloryStd.36720%
Acer saccharinumStd.252020%
Aesculus californicaLB152915%
Apple 'Fuji'Std.152015%
Apple 'Gala'Std.144615%
Apple 'Granny Smith'Std.151915%
Apple 'Honeycrisp'Std.15615%
Apple 'Honeycrisp'Std.24115%
Apple 'Pink Lady'Std.153715%
Apple 'Red Fuji'Std.152215%
Apricot 'Gold Kist'Std.152015%
Apricot 'Moorpark'Std.15315%
Apricot 'Royal/Blenheim'Std.155715%
Arbutus marinaStd.241015%
Betula jacquemontiiStd.241215%
Betula jacquemontiiStd.151915%
Betula jacquemontiiMult.15515%
Betula jacquemontii - stdStd.362120%
Betula jacquemontii - stdStd.48220%
Betula nigraStd.152315%
Betula nigra 'Dura Heat'Mult.24515%
Buxus sempervirensBush152515%
Calocedrus decurrensLow Branch241315%
Calocedrus decurrensStd.15215%
Carpinus b. 'Emerald Ave.'Std.241915%
Cedrus deodoraLow Branch152615%
Cedrus deodoraLow Branch243315%
Celtis sinensisStd.154315%
Cercis c. 'Forest Pansy'Mult.24915%
Cercis c. 'Forest Pansy'Std.156015%
Cercis c. 'Forest Pansy'Std.151315%
Cercis c. 'Forest Pansy'Std.243415%
Cercis canadensisStd.15615%
Cercis canadensisStd.24415%
Cercis occidentalisStd.157015%
Cercis occidentalisStd.24815%
Cercis occidentalisStd.15215%
Cercis occidentalisStd.25120%
Cercis r. 'Oklahoma'Std.24815%
Cercis r. 'Oklahoma'Low Branch25520%
Cercis r. Oklahoma - multiStd.36720%
Chamaerops humilisMult.241115%
Cherry 'Bing'Std.151115%
Cherry 'Craig Crimson'Std.15515%
Cherry 'Lapins'Std.15115%
Cinnamomum camphoraLow Branch241015%
Citrus 'Kumquat'Std.24515%
Citrus 'Rio Red Grapefruit'Std.24115%
Clytostoma callistegoidesLow Branch153315%
Cornus cap. 'Mountain Moon'Std.241815%
Cornus cap. 'Mountain Moon'Low Branch156815%
Cornus f. 'Cherokee Brave'Std.15715%
Cornus f. 'Cherokee Prince'Std.24615%
Cornus f. 'Cherokee Princess'Std.15615%
Cornus f. 'Cherokee Princess'Std.20215%
Cornus f. 'Cloud Nine'Std.15215%
Cornus f. 'Cloud Nine'Std.151515%
Cornus f. 'Cloud Nine'Std.24515%
Cornus f. 'Cloud Nine'Std.24115%
Cornus f. 'Welchii'Std.15315%
Cornus florida 'White'Std.15515%
Cornus h. 'Constellation'Low Branch25220%
Cornus k. 'Pink'Std.151015%
Cornus k. 'Rosy Teacups'Std.151015%
Cornus k. 'Samaritan'Std.15815%
Cornus x 'Eddies White Wonder'Std.251620%
Cornus x 'Venus'Std.15315%
Cotinus c. 'Grace'Mult.24515%
Cotinus c. 'Grace'Bush151015%
Cupressocyparis l. 'Emerald Isle'Low Branch15815%
Cupressocyparis leylandiiLow Branch15115%
Cupressus sempervirensColumn155015%
Cupressus sempervirensLow Branch241815%
Cycas revolutaLow Branch151615%
Elaeagnus e. 'Gilt Edge'Bush157515%
Elaeagnus p. 'Fruitlandii'Bush157015%
Eriobotrya deflexaStd.155515%
Feijoa sellowianaMult.24115%
Fig 'Black Mission'Std.152215%
Fig 'Kadota'Std.151015%
Fig 'Panache'Std.15515%
Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux'Std.15615%
Fraxinus a. 'Autumn Purple'Std.24115%
Fraxinus latifoliaStd.241415%
Ginkgo b. 'Autumn Gold'Low Branch153015%
Ginkgo b. 'Autumn Gold'Low Branch159115%
Ginkgo b. 'Autumn Gold'Low Branch154815%
Ginkgo b. 'Autumn Gold'Low Branch15115%
Ginkgo b. 'Autumn Gold'Std.243215%
Ginkgo b. 'Gold Spire'Low Branch152115%
Ginkgo b. 'Princeton Sentry'Low Branch154415%
Ginkgo b. 'Princeton Sentry'Std.362020%
Ginkgo b. 'Princeton Sentry'Low Branch153915%
Ginkgo b. 'Princeton Sentry'Std.241715%
Ginkgo b. 'Sky Tower'Low Branch151615%
Ginkgo b. Autumn GoldStd.482020%
Ginkgo b. Princeton SentryStd.36120%
Hamamelis JelenaStd.241015%
Jacaranda mimosifolia - stdStd.36220%
Juglans c. 'Hindsii'Std.15915%
Juniperus c. 'Torulosa'Low Branch152215%
Juniperus c. 'Torulosa'Low Branch24715%
Juniperus scop. 'Skyrocket'Low Branch15815%
Lagerstroemia - multi?Std.48120%
Lagerstroemia i. Muskogee - multiStd.48220%
Lagerstroemia x 'Arapaho'Std.242515%
Lagerstroemia x 'Arapaho'Std.24115%
Lagerstroemia x 'Catawba'Mult.152015%
Lagerstroemia x 'Catawba'Std.158815%
Lagerstroemia x 'Catawba'Mult.251720%
Lagerstroemia x 'Catawba'Std.24215%
Lagerstroemia x 'Centennial Spirit'Std.151415%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dallas Red'Std.15115%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dynamite'Mult.251320%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dynamite'Std.1520615%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dynamite'Mult.151815%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dynamite'Mult.25120%
Lagerstroemia x 'Dynamite'Std.24115%
Lagerstroemia x 'Light Pink'Mult.251820%
Lagerstroemia x 'Muskogee'Std.24515%
Lagerstroemia x 'Muskogee'Std.152015%
Lagerstroemia x 'Muskogee'Std.15615%
Lagerstroemia x 'Muskogee'Std.241115%
Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez'Std.151715%
Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez'Mult.25520%
Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez'Std.241715%
Lagerstroemia x 'Natchez'Std.15715%
Lagerstroemia x 'Pink Velour'Std.152315%
Lagerstroemia x 'Pink Velour'Mult.25120%
Lagerstroemia x 'Pink Velour'Mult.24415%
Lagerstroemia x 'Pink'Mult.151215%
Lagerstroemia x 'Purple'Mult.25820%
Lagerstroemia x 'Red Rocket'Std.153815%
Lagerstroemia x 'Red Rocket'Std.24115%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tonto'Std.15815%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.155715%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.241015%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.152015%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.24315%
Lagerstroemia x 'Twilight'Std.24315%
Lagerstroemia x 'White'Std.15715%
Lagerstroemia x 'Zuni'Std.24615%
Laurus nobilisStd.15115%
Laurus nobilisMult.25520%
Laurus nobilis 'Saratoga'Std.151915%
Laurus nobilis 'Saratoga'Std.242115%
Liquidambar s. 'Festival'Low Branch24315%
Liquidambar s. 'Palo Alto'Low Branch24715%
Liquidambar s. RotundilobaStd.36220%
Magnolia g. 'DD Blanchard'Low Branch15215%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Low Branch1520715%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Std.15415%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Low Branch151415%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Low Branch15415%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Low Branch24715%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Std.24615%
Magnolia g. 'Little Gem'Low Branch241015%
Magnolia g. 'Samuel Sommers'Std.242015%
Magnolia g. 'St. Mary'Low Branch156115%
Magnolia g. 'St. Mary'Std.241515%
Magnolia g. 'St. Mary'Low Branch153215%
Magnolia g. Samuel SommerStd.36520%
Magnolia s. 'Alexandrina'Std.24715%
Magnolia ste. 'Royal Star'Mult.25420%
Malus 'Cinderella'Std.15615%
Malus 'Hopa'Std.151015%
Malus 'Prarie Fire'Std.15515%
Malus 'Snow Drift'Std.151015%
Malus 'Sugar Time'Std.151015%
Malus floribundaStd.151515%
Malus floribundaStd.24115%
Nerium o. 'Hardy Red'Std.15915%
Nerium o. 'White'Std.153415%
Nerium o. 'White'Std.15215%
Nerium o. 'White'Mult.25620%
Nyssa s. WildfireStd.361320%
Olea e. 'Arbequina' (fruiting)Std.15715%
Olea e. 'Fruitless'Std.156215%
Olea e. 'Hills of Santa Cruz'Std.153115%
Olea e. 'Hills of Santa Cruz'Std.242015%
Olea e. 'Hills of Santa Cruz'Std.152615%
Olea e. 'Kornoneiki' (fruiting)Std.15515%
Olea e. 'Leccino' (fruiting)Std.15615%
Olea e. 'Little Ollie'Bush1516015%
Olea e. 'Little Ollie'Bush523715%
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty'Std.242915%
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty'Std.159615%
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty'Mult.1518015%
Olea e. 'Manzanillo'Mult.251620%
Olea e. 'Mission' (fruiting)Std.151015%
Olea e. 'Pendolino' (fruiting)Std.15315%
Olea e. 'Swan Hill'Mult.25220%
Olea e. 'Swan Hill'Std.36420%
Olea e. 'Swan Hill'Multi36720%
Olea e. 'Wilsonii'Std.241915%
Olea e. 'Wilsonii'Std.153215%
Olea e. Swan Hill - stdStd.36420%
Olea europaeaStd.15215%
Parrotia p. VanessaStd.36220%
Parthenocissus tricuspidataVine152515%
Peach 'Donut'Std.151015%
Pear '20th Century'Std.15515%
Pear 'Shinko'Std.15715%
Persimmon 'Fuyu'Std.154415%
Persimmon 'Hachiya'Std.151315%
Photinia fraseriStd.151515%
Photinia fraseriStd.152715%
Photinia fraseriBush156315%
Pinus canariensisLow Branch241515%
Pinus ponderosaLow Branch24315%
Pistacia c. 'Keith Davey'Std.242015%
Pistacia c. 'Keith Davey'Std.152015%
Pistacia c. 'Keith Davey'Std.24515%
Pistacia c. Keith DaveyStd.36720%
Pistacia c. Red PushStd.36120%
Pistacia chinensisStd.243715%
Pistacia chinensisStd.15215%
Pistacia chinensisStd.15615%
Pistacia chinensisStd.242115%
Platanus a. 'Exclamation'Std.151715%
Platanus a. ExclamationStd.48520%
Platanus racemosaStd.153115%
Plum 'Elephant Heart'Std.24115%
Plum 'Santa Rosa'Std.156715%
Pluot 'Flavor King'Std.15615%
Pluot 'Flavor Punch'Std.15315%
Pluot 'Flavor Queen'Std.15215%
Podocarpus e. 'Icee Blue'Std.15215%
Podocarpus e. 'Icee Blue'Column155015%
Podocarpus e. 'Icee Blue'Column1518315%
Podocarpus graciliorStd.243215%
Podocarpus graciliorStd.153815%
Podocarpus graciliorColumn1531915%
Podocarpus graciliorColumn241015%
Podocarpus henkeliiColumn152615%
Podocarpus henkeliiColumn24315%
Podocarpus m. 'Maki'Column154915%
Podocarpus m. 'Maki'Column241015%
Podocarpus macrophyllusColumn15115%
Podocarpus macrophyllusColumn24315%
Populus fremontiiLow Branch154315%
Prunus 'Snow Fountain'Std.24515%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Std.152015%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Std.153715%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Column152315%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Column153315%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Std.24715%
Prunus c. 'Compacta'Column24915%
Prunus c. 'Krauter Vesuvius'Std.1513215%
Prunus c. 'Krauter Vesuvius'Std.241215%
Prunus c. 'Krauter Vesuvius'Std.15115%
Prunus c. 'Krauter Vesuvius' High GraftStd.152615%
Prunus s. 'Kwanzan'Std.154315%
Prunus s. 'Kwanzan'Std.241115%
Prunus y. 'Akebono Cherry Bark High Graft'Std.24615%
Prunus y. AkebonoStd.36420%
Pyrus c. 'Aristocrat'Std.151115%
Pyrus JavelinStd.36320%
Pyrus kawakamiiStd.24715%
Pyrus t. 'Chastity'Std.241415%
Quercus agrifoliaStd.241815%
Quercus douglasiiStd.15515%
Quercus f. 'Schmidt'Std.282020%
Quercus ilexStd.241015%
Quercus Kindred SpiritStd.361220%
Quercus lobataStd.242215%
Quercus p. 'Green Pillar'Std.151715%
Quercus p. 'Green Pillar'Std.15515%
Quercus p. 'Green Pillar'Std.241915%
Quercus r. 'Skinny Genes'Std.24415%
Quercus rubraStd.241215%
Quercus rubraStd.151815%
Quercus virginianaStd.152015%
Quercus wislizeniiMult.24515%
Rosa 'Cecile Brunner'Climbing15815%
Rosa 'Cecile Brunner'Climbing151015%
Rosa 'Eden Climber'Climbing15115%
Rosa 'Iceberg'Std.152615%
Rosa 'Joseph's Coat'Climbing154315%
Rosa 'Sally Holmes'Climbing152615%
Salix babylonicaStd.151615%
Schinus molleStd.151815%
Schinus molleStd.241215%
Sequoia s. 'Aptos Blue'Low Branch15115%
Sequoia s. 'Aptos Blue'Low Branch15215%
Sequoia s. 'Filoli'Low Branch153215%
Sequoia s. 'Los Altos'Low Branch151215%
Sequoia s. 'Soquel'Low Branch151915%
Styrax j. SnowconeStd.36520%
Tilia c. 'Greenspire'Std.244315%
Tilia c. 'June Bride'Std.24315%
Tilia cordataLow Branch15815%
Tilia t. 'Silver Lining'Std.24115%
Tilia t. 'Silver Lining'Std.24715%
Ulmus p. 'Dynasty'Std.24215%
Ulnus rombifoliaStd.154215%
Washingtonia robustaLow Branch152015%
Wisteria f. 'Amethyst Falls'Vine151415%
Wisteria f. 'Rosea'Vine15415%
Wisteria s. 'Purple'Vine158215%
Zelkova s. 'Green Vase'Std.152915%
Zelkova s. 'Village Green'Std.152715%
Zelkova s. 'Village Green'Std.241415%
“I use large-scale plants as select key elements to immediately give a better appearance to the landscape. When a specimen tree or larger grouping of shrubs goes in on day one, the garden won’t look flat as it grows into itself over time.”
Kathy Brenner | Rock Paper Clippers

Take advantage of even bigger savings on Plant Seconds

We are also offering a select group of plant seconds that are not in premium condition but are still quality materials that can be intermixed with other plants in the landscape to complement an installation.

The discount off our regular price for these selected second items is listed in the sizes below.
  • | 10 Gal — 20 gal = 35% off
  • | 24″ — 36″ box + 25 gal = 40% off

Plant Seconds On Sale now

The Plant Seconds List below has all of the specimen inventory, sizes, and quantities available for this group of large shrubs and trees. Check it out to find the plants that you’re interested in.
Botanical NameFormSizeQuantitySAVINGS
Acer j. 'Aconitifolium'Std.251440%
Acer j. 'Aconitifolium'Std.24340%
Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'Std.151135%
Acer p. 'Sango Kaku'Low Branch251640%
Acer p. d. 'Red Dragon'Mult.25240%
Acer p. d. 'Viridis'Std.25340%
Alnus rubraStd.24840%
Arbutus unedoStd.24340%
Bambusa m. 'Alphonse Karr'Mult.20435%
Betula nigraLow Branch15435%
Buxus s. 'Green Tower'Column1517335%
Buxus s. 'Green Tower'Column102735%
Camellia j. 'Silver Waves'Std.15635%
Celtis occidentalisStd.155535%
Cercis canadensisStd.15935%
Cercis chinensisMult.24940%
Cercis occidentalisStd.151835%
Cercis occidentalisMult.251840%
Cornus cap. 'Mountain Moon'Low Branch151335%
Cornus f. 'Cherokee Princess'Std.15835%
Cornus f. 'Cloud Nine'Std.24140%
Cornus florida 'Pink'Std.25440%
Cornus florida 'White'Std.25640%
Cotinus c. 'Golden Spirit'Bush152335%
Cotinus c. 'Grace'Mult.241540%
Cotinus c. 'Royal Purple'Std.152535%
Cotinus c. 'Royal Purple'Mult.251040%
Cotinus c. 'Royal Purple'Mult.25140%
Crataegus phaenopyrumStd.24440%
Cupressus s. 'Swanes Golden'Column15535%
Cupressus s. 'Tiny Tower'Column153235%
Cupressus sempervirensColumn152335%
Fagus syl. 'Purple Fountain'Std.15335%
Fig 'Black Jack'Std.153135%
Fig 'Peter's Honey'Std.15235%
Ginkgo b. 'Jade Butterflies'Low Branch15435%
Ginkgo b. 'Saratoga'Low Branch24540%
Gleditsia t. 'Shademaster'Std.24340%
Juniperus scop. 'Cologreen'Low Branch152035%
Koelreuteria paniculataStd.24340%
Lagerstroemia x 'Petite Plum'Mult.151335%
Lagerstroemia x 'Petite Red'Bush153535%
Lagerstroemia x 'Petite Red'Mult.151235%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.241140%
Lagerstroemia x 'Tuscarora'Std.153235%
Ligustrum j. 'Texanum'Column154035%
Magnolia g. 'Majestic Beauty'Low Branch151035%
Magnolia g. 'Majestic Beauty'Low Branch152235%
Magnolia g. 'St. Mary'Std.151235%
Magnolia soulangeanaMult.15835%
Magnolia soulangeanaMult.25140%
Nectarine 'Fantasia Yellow'Std.15635%
Nectarine 'Goldmine'Std.15135%
Nerium o. 'Red'Mult.24540%
Nerium o. 'White'Bush15235%
Nerium o. 'Hardy Red'Std.151435%
Olea e. 'Kalamata' (fruiting)Std.15335%
Olea e. 'Little Ollie'Mult.252240%
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty'Mult.25940%
Olea e. 'Majestic Beauty'Mult.252140%
Olea e. 'Manzanillo'Std.15835%
Olea e. 'Wilsonii'Mult.25640%
Osmanthus fragransMult.251040%
Peach 'Red Haven'Std.15335%
Peach 'White Lady'Std.15235%
Pear '20th Century'Std.15535%
Photinia fraseriMult.251240%
Pinus canariensisLow Branch151335%
Pinus ponderosaLow Branch155035%
Pistacia c. 'Keith Davey'Std.24340%
Podocarpus henkeliiColumn15835%
Podocarpus macrophyllusStd.151235%
Populus tremula erectaLow Branch151035%
Prunus s. 'Mt. Fuji'Std.24840%
Prunus s. 'Mt. Fuji' High GraftStd.24240%
Pyrus c. 'Aristocrat'Std.15735%
Pyrus t. 'Chastity'Std.24240%
Quercus agrifoliaStd.156735%
Quercus agrifoliaStd.36740%
Quercus f. 'Schmidt'Std.24340%
Quercus ilexColumn15235%
Quercus lobataStd.153135%
Quercus robur 'Fastigiata'Std.155835%
Rhaphiolepis 'Majestic Beauty'Std.241740%
Rosa 'White Dawn'Climbing151035%
Rosa banksiae 'Alba Plena'Climbing158135%
Rosa banksiae 'Lutea'Climbing153435%
Sequoia sempervirensLow Branch15435%
Styrax japonicusStd.152235%
Trachelospermum jasminoidesVine151235%
Trachycarpus fortuneiStd.151235%
Tristania l. 'Elegant'Std.15735%
Washingtonia robustaLow Branch15235%
Wisteria sinensisVine151035%

More details about large-scale shrubs + trees SALE

  • | Limited-time offer is available for any item in the lists above purchased between AUG 1—SEPT 30, 2022
  • | Plants must be picked up in Will-call or delivered to customer site by OCT 31, 2022
  • | Plant deliveries can be arranged to align with our regular Bay Area delivery schedules + routes
  • | Account must be current and in good standing
  • | Call 650.755.2330 to speak with PN customer service to learn more
Save on Large Shrubs + Trees | Pacific Nurseries
There’s no better way to end the summer than with huge savings on large shrubs + trees | Pacific Nurseries

Sale Ends September 30, 2022

Act soon before the End-of-Summer Savings end

To take advantage of this special pricing before the supply runs out, you need to act soon and order before September 30, 2022.

To place a Plant Material Order for any of these large-scale shrubs or trees or to get an Estimate for any of the plants in your landscape project, just attach your plant list to our convenient Online Estimate Form. You can also give us a call at 650.755.2330

If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for, we can get what you need, when you need it. As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right treesCA native plants, ground covers, grasses, and shrubs that will make your project a success.

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