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Everything you want to know about how and when your plants will be delivered

Know exactly when your plants will be delivered| Pacific Nurseries
Bay Area Landscape Pros continue to be in high demand for their specialized services.

As a result, they are challenged more than ever juggling the needs of clients and projects—especially when they need to know how and when their plants will be delivered.

How our delivery technology helps you

To help address this pain point, we’ve streamlined our internal operations, simplified our processes,  and added a plant delivery alert capability by using the Samsara cloud-based logistics software.

This technology is a sophisticated, proven solution that captures real-time, rich data from sensors, cameras, and modern integrations that centralize our delivery operations and allow us to share them with you in an easy-to-use and precise way.

The result is you’ll have up-to-the-minute information on when the plants you ordered from Pacific Nurseries will be delivered to your job site.

“My team doesn’t have to wait around anymore or guess when the plants I ordered will arrive. The plant delivery service has definitely improved.”
Toni Heren | Toni Heren Garden Design, LLC

Plant delivery and how it works

The chart below provides an overview of the steps we take to deliver your plants. We’ve also included all of the details of each step.

Many Landscape Pros have already shared with us that they love the improved transparency on the delivery process and how easy it is for them to understand the status of every delivery that they’ve requested.

5 steps of PLANT Delivery Alert service | Pacific Nurseries
Five easy steps to know exactly when your plants will get to you | Pacific Nurseries
Order Plants Online | Pacific Nurseries
Order Plants Online | Pacific Nurseries

1 | Order Plants—Online or In-Person

We make it convenient to order plants online or in person at our Colma Growing Grounds. And when an order is placed, it’s essential that we know the date that you would like to receive your plants and where you would like them delivered.

With this data in hand, we start assembling your order as soon as possible from our acres of inventory and other specialty resources if required.

Our dispatch team then starts planning your delivery with other customer deliveries that Pacific Nurseries will be making on the same delivery date that you requested.
Order Confirmation Email | Pacific Nurseries
Delivery Date Confirmation Email | Pacific Nurseries

2 | Delivery Date Confirmation—Email

When we receive your order with a specified delivery date, we send you an email in less than 2 days confirming the delivery date and location.

If the delivery date needs to change, you can reply to the email and provide us with another date that meets your schedule or needs. And for every delivery that you request, you can choose to enable a text alert to know the real-time status of an individual delivery.

In just about every instance, our plant material deliveries are made before noon. On infrequent occasions, we can make accommodations for afternoon deliveries. However, these exceptions may incur additional fees and/or delivery delays.
Delivery Time Window Email | Pacific Nurseries
know exactly when your plants will be delivered | Pacific Nurseries

3 | Delivery Time Window—Email

Before 2 pm, on the day prior to the scheduled delivery date, we send another email alerting you to a delivery time window when your plants will arrive on the following day. For example, this two-hour window could be 8 am—10 am or 10 am—12 noon.

If you need to change the delivery date, or make changes to your plant order after receipt of this email alert, it’s important to let us know before noon, the day prior to your scheduled delivery.

Once this critical time has passed, we make final arrangements for plant material loading sequence and routing of our vehicles in an efficient manner that helps us manage delivery resources and fees.
Plant Delivery Text Alert | Pacific Nurseries
know exactly when your plants will be delivered | Pacific Nurseries

4 | Exact Delivery Time—Text Alert

If you request this service from your Pacific Nurseries sales team member, you will receive an automatic text notification on the delivery date with an exact arrival time to the specified delivery location.

These helpful alert notifications also include a GPS link that provides a visual map of the delivery vehicle route and current position.
Alert times ma
y vary due to other customer deliveries made to a location near your specified delivery address.
Plant Order Delivery Fleet | Pacific Nurseries
Plant Delivery from our Fleet | Pacific Nurseries

5 | Plant Delivery—Our Fleet

Our digitally connected truck fleet makes scheduled deliveries throughout the Bay Area—rain or shine.

All Deliveries must be met by a representative from your organization with the authority to accept all plant material.

Our deliveries are made to the curbside only and we do not provide resources or equipment to assist in unloading.

All of the details about your delivery and more

Our step-by-step delivery notification process and optional text alerts provide everything you want to know about how and when your plants will be delivered  including:
  1. | Delivery Date
  2. | Delivery Location
  3. | Arrival time in minutes
  4. | Delivery Vehicle ID
  5. | Link to scalable, graphic map delineating delivery route

The result of this timely information will enable you to track and understand the status of our delivery vehicle and have confidence in the expected arrival time at your job site.

Additional benefits of improved delivery service include:
  • | Reduce waiting time for delivery vehicle arrival
  • | Eliminate calls/emails for delivery status
  • | Understand precise ETAs
  • | Shareable live GPS tracking links
  • | Align resources to accept delivery
  • | Focus on other customers/project demands
Growing Grounds | Pacific Nurseries
As a Grower + Broker, we’ll do all that we can to get you the plants that you want, when you need them | Pacific Nurseries

Ready to order plants and schedule your delivery?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, alphabetized and searchable list that includes all of the plants that we’re growing right now in available sizes, check out our Growing Plant List. And if the plants you want are not on our list, we’ll do all that we can to get you what you want, when you need it.

As both a grower and a plant broker, we’re ready to work with you to provide just the right California native, water-wise, and fire-resistant plants that will make your project a success with your clients. Our extensive network of plant providers has been tested and vetted over the last century to ensure that you get the exact specimens that you’re looking for when you need them.

We can also provide an Estimate for one item or for an entire installation. Just attach your Microsoft Excel .xlsx plant list to our ONLINE ESTIMATE | ORDER FORM.

To learn more, just contact one of our experts at Pacific Nurseries. Or just give us a call at 650.755.2330.

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