Parkmobiles: mini mobile parks in Yerba Buena | SF.

Parkmobile in YBCBD | SF

Parkmobile in Yerba Buena Community Benefit District | SF

Imagine inviting a park to come visit your business for a few days. That’s now possible in the Yerba Buena area of downtown San Francisco. An opening of a new exhibit or store front can be splashed with green from a new “parkmobile‘.

There are six of them being moved around the Yerb Buena area and they can be placed on the street at a location with a footprint that takes up only about two parking spaces.

Drop in garden beauty for San Francisco.

The Yerba Buena neighborhood already features museums, parks, and an arts and convention center. But now with parkmobiles, the first mobile gardens of their kind, there is another resource in the community. Unlike the city’s parklets, which are usually paid for by one business and stay in one location, the parkmobiles will rotate among many locations.

Temporary Parkmobiles provide instant landscaping

Temporary Parkmobiles provide instant landscaping

The project was sponsored by the Yerba Buena Community Benefits District (YBCBD), a consortium of local businesses and organizations, and completed with in-kind donations of materials and labor. Mayor Ed Lee helped unveil the first parkmobiles at a city event.

Your turn at the wheel.

Have any thoughts about these great temporary landscape additions to our community? We’d love to hear your comments and to know if you’ve been involved in helping put the parkmobiles together for the city.

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