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Benches Garden | Portrero Hill

There are great community gardens throughout the Bay Area filled with passionate gardeners and amazing plants. We thought you might consider a few worth visiting that we found especially interesting.

Benches Garden | Portrero Hill

The Benches Garden“is located at the corner of 18th Street and San Bruno on Portero Hill.

San Francsisco Community Gardens
San Francsisco Community Gardens

Our friend Joe Treinen, is the coordinator on this project. 

They are planting strictly ornamentals here and the garden has no irrigation. Drought tolerance and water conservation is the name of the game for gardeners here and they are not taking moisture for granted.

They have divided up the garden into plots and handed them out to community members. 

Visit this link to learn all about this water conscious garden and some of the great food they are growing.

The Farm | San Francisco

Another new garden is on the corner of Gough and Eddy Street in San Francisco. This unique garden, named The Farm has a goal to grow healthy food to give to local community members in need.

A Mission District resident, who goes by the name “Tree”, oversees volunteers and anyone interested in gardening. His vision is simple: “We’re going to grow food here, and then we’re going to give it away to people who need it.”

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The 1/3-acre lot has been created and cultivated by a group of people who decided the unused parcel, on a particularly busy Western Addition intersection, was a great place for growing food.

What’s your favorite community garden?

Please share your favorite gardens and what make them special for you. We’re always interested to hear about exciting or inspiring projects, gardens or landscape passions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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