Brooks Park Community Garden

Brooks Park is a passionate mix of gardening, community, art and beautiful views. The park has a long interesting history that you can read on their website.

Ingredients for a great garden: People and Passion.

Two people are at the heart of organizing and doing much of the work for the park. One is our friend John Herbert, owner of Gentle Giant’s Gardening & Landscape. John offers professional expertise and his passion for using square foot gardening to grow food for the community.

Brooks Park Community Garden

Brooks Park Community Garden

The man behind developing and driving the park is Peter Vaernet. Peter had the vision to restore the Park and the tenacity to get it done. Many evening and most weekends, you will find Peter at the garden pulling weeks, chatting up neighbors, digging soil for a new planting or whatever else needs to get done.

Brooks Park’s view from the top of its hill is spectacular. You can see across San Francisco and out to the Farallon Islands and Point Reyes. Some highlights within the garden include native plants, a grassy hillside, a community vegetable garden and some recently planted fruit trees.

Volunteer gardners wanted. No experience necessary.

If you want to help grow food for the neighborhood, learn how to square foot garden or just learn more about native plants, visit and volunteer at Brooks Park.

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