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Beautiful. Oversize. And looking for love.

Acer macrophyllum | Pacific Nurseries

As California’s longest operating wholesale nursery, we’ve provided millions of plants to thousands and thousands of our customers.

In fact, the Bay Area landscape professionals we serve often turn to us to either acquire or grow specialty items that are just what they’re looking for to make their unique project a success.

One-of-a-kind items with attractive prices too.

For commercial projects, government facilities, and private residence installations, we provide large volumes of plants for many diverse projects and customers. And it’s not uncommon for our customers to have ordered a few too many items or for them to purchase our whole inventory of specimens in a particular size.

But often, a few orphans are leftover and never make it to an installed spot on a landscape project where they can flourish and add beauty.

As a result, we’ve got a handful of unusual, oversize, and somewhat unconventional items that might be just what you’re looking as a feature plant or a pair of features for your project.

All the details.

These items are not your vanilla variety of trees or large shrubs. And we’ve compiled a convenient list of them for you to review. Even better, we’re offering these items at special prices that make them even more attractive.

Click the button to see a list of our oversize, out of the ordinary, featured specimens with all of their specs and details.

Anything look interesting?

If any of these items look interesting, reach out and contact us to learn more. Or even better, swing by our Colma growing grounds and sales office to view these oversize plants in person. One of our sales team members can also provide you with a quote on the special, limited-time price for any of these items. And we can deliver any plant right to your job site in one of our regularly scheduled deliver routes.

If you’re looking for some unusual, oversize, and somewhat unconventional feature plants for your project, chances are one, or a few of these items could be just what you need to make your project a home run.

Come on by and check them out. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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