Specialty Plant List

Specialty Plants

Unusual specimens + sizes.

Our Specialty Plant List features unusual, oversized and somewhat unconventional items that might be just what you’re looking for as a featured plant or a pair of unique specimens for your project.

These items are not your vanilla variety of trees or large shrubs. What’s more, we’re offering these unique items at special prices that make them even more attractive. Contact us online or call us at 650.755.2330 to learn more.

Specialty Items | Large Size + Limited Quan. | Winter 2020

Botanical Name24" Box30" Box36" Box48" Box60" BoxQuanSpecificationsComments
Agonis f. 'After Dark'“Prime108' x 3-1/2-4' x 1"Evergreen Black Peppermint Willow
Agonis flexuosa“Prime66-1/2-7' x 3-1/2'
Arbutus marina - bush“Prime85' x 3-1/2'-4'Strawberry tree with orange red bark
Arbutus marina - bush“Prime16' x 5-1/2'
Arbutus marina - std“Prime87-1/2-8' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/4"
Azara microphylla“Prime105' x 3'Evergreen Boxleaf Azara
Azara microphylla 'Variegata'“Prime55-6' x 3-3-1/2'
Bauhinia blakeana“Prime29' x 6' x 2-1/4"Hong Kong Orchid Tree | Deciduous
Chamaecyparis l. 'Blue Surprise'“Prime310' x 3'Blue columnar conifer with soft textured foliage
Chamaecyparis o. gracilis“Prime58' x 4'
Cordyline australis“Prime84' x 4'
Cupressus macrocarpa“Prime89'x 4'
Cupressus sempervirens“Prime109-10' x 1-1/2"Italian Cypress | Evergreen
Dodonea v. Purpurea - std“Prime89' x 3-1/2' x 1"
Eriobotrya japonica“Prime68' x 2-1/2-3' x 1-1/2"
Jacaranda mimosifolia“Prime112' x 6' x 2-1/4"
Laurus n. 'Saratoga' - multi“Prime64' x 3-1/2'Saratoga Bay Laurel | Evergreen with roundish leaves
Laurus n. 'Saratoga' - std“Prime109' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/2"
Lyonothamnus floribundus“Prime513' x 5' x 2-1/2"Catalina Ironwood | Evergreen tree
Melaleuca nesophylla“Prime44-1/2-5' x 3'
Metrosideros excelsus - std“Prime86' x 2-1/2' x 1"New Zealand Christmas Tree | Evergreen
Metrosideros excelsus - std“Prime59' x 5' x 1-1/2"
Phyllostachys nigra“Prime56' x 3' x 1-1/4"Black bamboo
Pittosporum eugenoides - bush“Prime85' x 3'
Pittosporum eugenoides - std“Prime58' x 3-1/2-4' x 1"
Pittosporum t. 'Marjorie Channon'“Prime35' x 3-1/2'Evergreen with variegated leaves on black stems
Pittosporum t. 'Wrinkled Blue'“Prime105' x 3'
Pittosporum tenuifolium - bush“Prime105' x 3-3-1/2'
Pittosporum tenuifolium - std“Prime106-1/2' x 3-1/2' x 1-1/4"
Pittosporum undulatum - bush“Prime84' x 3-1/2-4'
Pittosporum undulatum - std“Prime208' x 3-1/2' x 1"
Pittosporum undulatum - std“Prime810' x 5' x 1-3/4"
Podocarpus gracilior“Prime210' x 5'
Prunus caroliniana compacta - bush“Prime47' x 3-3-1/2'Compact Laurel Cherry | Evergreen
Prunus caroliniana compacta - std“Prime107-1/2-8' x 4' x 1-1/4"
Prunus laurocerasus - columnar“Prime89' x 5' x 2"English Laurel | Evergreen
Pseudotsuga menziesii“Prime109' x 6'Douglas Fir
Sequoia s. 'Aptos Blue'“Prime88' x 3'
Sequoia s. 'Aptos Blue'“Prime211-12' x 5-6'
Thuja occ. 'Emerald Green'“Prime29' x 3-1/2'
Trachycarpus fortunei“Prime17' x 7'
Tristania conferta“Prime1011' x 3' x 1-1/2"
Tristania l. 'Elegant' - multi“Prime105' x 4'
Tristania laurina - multi“Prime105' x 4-1/2'Water Gum tree | Evergreen with small yellow flowers
Tristania laurina - std“Prime107-1/2-8' x 3' x 1-1/4"
Washingtonia robusta“Prime210' x 5'8' Brown trunk height

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