As SF Botanical Garden Trustee, Don Baldocchi gives back.

San Francisco Botanical Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden | Golden Gate Park

The Bay area landscape community is one of the most diverse and talented group of professionals you’ll find.

Don Baldocchi, President of Pacific Nurseries, knows this first hand.

He never takes for granted the creativity, ingenuity and dedication that this group shares with Pacific Nurseries every day to help make beautiful and functional landscapes for their customers.

Giving back to the Bay Area landscape community.

As Chair of the Board of Trustees at the San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, Don strives to give back to this group by volunteering to share his passion and extensive landscape experience to build communities of support for the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

Don Baldocchi | Trustee, SF Botanical Garden

Don Baldocchi | Trustee, SF Botanical Garden

As a locally cherished and internationally recognized center of beauty, conservation and educational programs, the San Francisco Botanical Garden has a mission to cultivate the natural bond between people and plants. In his role as trustee, Don provides strategic oversight and guidance to enhance opportunities for lifelong learning about the need to conserve earth’s biological heritage and the importance of plants in of our lives.

SF Botanical Garden

San Francisco Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park

The San Francisco Botanical Garden inspires visitors with an extraordinary diversity of plants from Mediterranean climates and high altitude rain forests around the world. Included in the Garden’s collection are over 7500 varieties of rare and unusual plants that can be successfully grown in the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a great place for inspiration, specimen exploration or just relaxation in a world class botanical garden.

Your contributions of support for the SF Botanical Garden make the difference.

You can support the non-profit San Francisco Botanical Garden Society, and Don in his efforts, by visiting the garden in Golden Gate Park. And with some sun, a little water, good soil, and the generosity of the professional landscape community, the San Francisco’s Botanical Garden will continue to thrive.

To learn more or to make a donation of support, just click here.

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