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Vinca minor | Pacific Nurseries

Vinca minor

Common Name | Lesser Periwinkle
Popular Plant Non-CA Native | Pacific Nurseries
Non-CA Native
Ground Cover
Vinca minor is an attractive, trailing ground cover that performs well in deep shade. It features deep purple to magenta colored blossoms which contrast with the deep green foliage. It prefers well-drained soil and will tolerate partial sun in cooler Bay Area locations. It does best with regular water but will require less irrigation as it becomes established. As a groundcover, this hard-working plant is an excellent choice for planting beneath tree canopies or cascading over a retaining wall.

Vinca minor

Attributes + Requirements

Popular Plant Pollinator Attraction | Pacific Nurseries
Attracts Pollinators
Growth | 4-6″ High
Growth | 1-2′ Wide
Popular Plant Flower Color | Pacific Nurseries
Flower Color | Purple
Moderate Water
Full Sun, Partial Sun, Partial Shade
Popular Plant Soil Requirements | Pacific Nurseries
Soil | Sandy, Rocky, Clay, Well-Drained
Special Features = Low Maintenance | Deer Resistant | Summer-Dry Tolerant | Award-Winner
Popular Plant Sizes Grown | Pacific Nurseries
Vinca minor
Sizes Grown | 1 gal

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