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Pyrus | Pacific Nurseries


Common Name | Pear
Popular Plant Non-CA Native | Pacific Nurseries
Non-CA Native
Pyrus | Pears are beautiful and delicious fruit trees that are worth considering for your client’s garden. However, they are the most pest-ridden of all fruit trees and require the most disease preventative maintenance to produce clean, appetizing fruit. Pear trees can grow quite large reaching 20′ with a similar spread at maturity. As a result, they require a spacing of at least 18-20′ apart. Pear trees also have a natural upright structure and need to be trained and pruned to develop a spreading growth habit. Many pears are tolerant of wet soil conditions but perform best in well-draining soil locations. And most pear varieties are self-sterile and require cross-pollination by another variety to get a good crop set. The popular “Bartlett” pear tree is self-fruitful and requires no partner tree for pollination. Bartlett also requires about 1500 hours of chill time below 45°F for producing fruit. Fire blight can be a serious problem in pears and preventive spray maintenance should be factored into choosing a pear for a Bay Area garden.


Attributes + Requirements

Popular Plant Pollinator Attraction | Pacific Nurseries
Attracts Pollinators
Growth | 12-20′ High
Growth | 8-20′ Wide
Popular Plant Flower Color | Pacific Nurseries
Flower Color | White
Moderate Water
Full Sun
Popular Plant Soil Requirements | Pacific Nurseries
Soil | Sandy, Rocky, Clay, Well-Drained
Special Features = Edible Fruit | Fragrant | Showy
Popular Plant Sizes Grown | Pacific Nurseries
Sizes Grown | 5 gal, 15 gal

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