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Eriobotrya japon | Pacific Nurseries

Eriobotrya japon

Common Name | Loquat
Popular Plant Non-CA Native | Pacific Nurseries
Non-CA Native
Eriobotrya japon | Loquats are easy to grow as small trees or large evergreen shrubs that are often used as an ornamental plant in Bay Area gardens. These trees feature boldly textured foliage add a tropical look that adds texture and contrast to other plants in a garden. Classified as a subtropical fruit, loquats are grown most successfully in hotter, citrus-friendly Bay Area regions with higher heat. The tree structure includes a rounded crown, short trunk, and woolly new twigs. It can grow 20—30′ high but usually is about 10′ tall. It blooms in late fall to early winter and must mature its fruit during the winter months. Loquats also require very little or no chill hours. The fruit grows in pear-shaped, yellow, or orange clusters and the taste features a succulent, tangy flesh that’s sweet and acidic. The loquat is normally pollinated by bees with self-infertile or partially self-fertile cultivars available. Although the loquat is remarkably drought resistant, it needs regular irrigation to remain healthy, particularly in the summer season. Loquats also prefer loamy, well-draining soil. A Loquat is a great choice for an espaliered tree if it’s clipped frequently to maintain form. It’s also quite resistant to most diseases and insect damage.

Eriobotrya japon

Attributes + Requirements

Popular Plant Pollinator Attraction | Pacific Nurseries
Some Pollinator Attraction
Growth | 10-25′ High
Growth | 10-25′ Wide
Popular Plant Flower Color | Pacific Nurseries
Flower Color | White
Moderate Water
Full Sun
Popular Plant Soil Requirements | Pacific Nurseries
Soil | Sandy, Rocky, Clay, Well-Drained
Special Features = Edible Fruit | Fragrant | Showy | Low Maintenance | Summer-dry Tolerant | Costal Tolerant | Award Winner
Popular Plant Sizes Grown | Pacific Nurseries
Eriobotrya japon
Sizes Grown | 5 gal, 15 gal

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