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Cylamen persicum

Common Name | Alpine violet
Popular Plant Non-CA Native | Pacific Nurseries
Non-CA Native
Cylamen persicum is a great seasonal choice for bedding plants that can be rotated and planted in the cooler fall months of the year. Leaves appear in autumn and through the winter and then die back in spring as the plant goes dormant through the hot, dry summer season. Cyclamens flower on a stem coming from a growing point on a tuber which supports leaves, flowers, and the root system. Flowers have five petals and display soft white, pink, or purple colors that intensify on the interior of each flower. Cyclamens prefer partial shade and need protection from hot afternoon sun. They are somewhat water-efficient and need only enough water to keep from completely drying out.

Cylamen persicum

Attributes + Requirements

Popular Plant Pollinator Attraction | Pacific Nurseries
Attracts Pollinators
Growth | 2-3″ High
Growth | 7-8″ Wide
Popular Plant Flower Color | Pacific Nurseries
Flower Color | White, Pink, Red, Violet, Purple
Moderate Water
Partial Shade
Popular Plant Soil Requirements | Pacific Nurseries
Soil | Sandy, Clay, Well-Drained
Special Features = Low Maintenance | Showy | Deer Tolerant
Popular Plant Sizes Grown | Pacific Nurseries
Cylamen persicum
Sizes Grown | 4″

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“Adding Bedding Plants like Cyclamen or Petunias can be the “icing on the cake” for a beautiful garden that your clients will love.”
Jason Fuller | Pacific Nurseries

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