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Citrus × meyer | Pacific Nurseries

Citrus × meyeri

Common Name | Meyer Lemon
Popular Plant Non-CA Native | Pacific Nurseries
Non-CA Native
If your Bay Area clients are looking for citrus fruit all year long with delicious, bright orange-yellow fruit, dark green leaves, and intensely fragrant flowers, then a Citrus × meyeri | Meyer Lemon could be a great solution. The Meyer lemon fruit is a rich orange-yellow in color and is thinner-skinned and sweeter tasting than the more acidic lemon varieties such as Eureka or Lisbon which are the most common lemons found in grocery stores. Meyer lemon trees are self-pollinated and grow to about 10′ tall. They also make an excellent hedge because they need little or no pruning. These hard-working trees can also tolerate colder weather than most citrus and require no minimum amount of chill time to bear fruit. In severe cold below 20°F, they should be covered to avoid frost damage. Meyer lemon trees perform best when planted in sandy loam and they prefer moist soil that’s not soggy. Allow adequate dry out time between waterings to prevent disease. They also benefit from generous additions of mulch for conserving water and improving soil quality.

Citrus × meyeri

Attributes + Requirements

Popular Plant Pollinator Attraction | Pacific Nurseries
Some Pollinator Attraction
Growth | 6-10′ High
Growth | 4-8′ Wide
Popular Plant Flower Color | Pacific Nurseries
Flower Color | White
Moderate Water
Full Sun
Popular Plant Soil Requirements | Pacific Nurseries
Soil | Sandy, Clay, Well-Drained
Special Features = Edible Fruit | Fragrant | Showy | Deer Resistant | Award Winner
Popular Plant Sizes Grown | Pacific Nurseries
Citrus × meyeri
Sizes Grown | 5 gal, 15 gal

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“In San Francisco, the climate allows Meyer Lemon trees to thrive and produce delicious, fragrant fruit. Our clients just love these trees!”
Greg Montana | The Urban Gardener

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