Who needs a plant availability list?

Prime Plant List + Specialty Item List | Pacific Nurseries
If you’re a landscape pro and you’re considering purchasing plants from a wholesale nursery, it’s reasonable to ask what they sell. And, it’s pretty common to expect the nursery to have a huge spreadsheet that lists every plant specimen that they have in every size. Right?

Well, not really.
You see, every wholesale nursery is not the same. Wait. You mean one agapanthus from nursery “A” is different from another agapanthus from nursery “B”?

It’s not the difference between one plant and another. The difference is that the right wholesale nursery can get the exact plants that you’re looking for when you need them. Even if they didn’t grow them—and they’re not on an overwhelming plant list.

Never enough

Having worked with landscape pros for over a hundred and fifty years, we get that you’re challenged to create a landscape that meets your customers expectations. And often, that includes some very specific plant specimens or sizes that an ordinary wholesale nursery might not have in inventory. Think exotic, boxed palm trees, espalier fruit trees, drought-tolerant grasses, or uncommon California natives.

Many wholesale nurseries are very specialized and only focus on offering a limited set of specimens in order to stand out from all of the others. At Pacific Nurseries, we don’t provide a huge, unwieldy plant availability list for our customers. Why?

Because even though we have 3 growing grounds throughout the Bay area and over 36 acres of inventory, it’s just never enough. Or more importantly, the plants on any list frequently aren’t the right ones you’re looking for—or that your project needs.
Grower + Plant Broker | Pacific Nurseries
As both a grower + plant broker, we get you the exact plants your project needs | Pacific Nurseries

A more helpful attitude

Our attitude is the plants that you want are the plants that you should get. And because we’re both a grower AND a plant broker, it’s in our DNA to not be pre-disposed to try and “sell” you only the plants we have on hand. Or the one’s another nursery might be trying to get rid of.

We do our best to do all that we can to deliver the exact plants that you need either through our continuously growing inventory or through our large, trusted network of plant growers that we have built relationships with over for nearly 150 years. The result is that you get the plants that you’re looking for when you want them. Whether it’s from in-house stock or from another grower. It makes no difference to us—only that you’re satisfied.

That means instead of you searching around from one wholesale nursery to the next to find exactly what you need, we take care of that for you. Simple. That also means you can spend more of your precious time and resources on the stuff that matters. Like managing your crew, meeting with demanding clients, or getting new business and interesting projects.

Lists you can actually use

We’re not opposed to having lists at Pacific Nurseries. But we think the lists should be more timely and help landscape pros consider plant specimens that are seasonal, in bloom, or look particularly attractive. That’s why we offer our PRIME PLANT LIST.

This list, available on our website, is a summary of items that we have in limited availability, in prime condition, and ready to install. Check it out online, stop by our Colma growing grounds, look over any of the items, and consider them for your project.

We also have a SPECIALTY ITEM LIST of large, out of the ordinary, featured specimens that aren’t your vanilla variety of trees or large shrubs. This is also available on the website. These unconventional items might be just what you’re looking for as a feature plant or pair of unique items for your project. This plant group is also offered at prices that make them even more attractive.

Both of these lists are right-sized so that they’re not too complicated or overwhelming. Click the button below to check them out.

Where to from here?

If this sounds different and more attractive than the wholesale nursery that you’ve been turning to, reach out and contact us to learn more. Or even better, swing by our Colma growing grounds and sales office to view all of the plants we have on hand in person.

One of our sales team members can also provide you with a timely estimate for all of the special plant items that you’re looking for. And we can deliver all of your plants right to your job site in one of our regularly scheduled routes throughout the Bay area.

If you’re looking for anything from California Natives, Ground Covers, Drought-tolerant Grasses, Flowering Shrubs, or Boxed Trees, chances are we have it on hand. If not, we’re sure to find it in the quantity and sizes you’re looking for.

Come on by and check us out. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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