Prunus Laurocerasus in B&B

Just in from Oregon: English Laurels (Prunus Laurocerasus) in Balled & Burlap, ready for Spring planting.

Big, beautiful and ready for installation.

We have many sizes to choose from including: 3/4′, 4/5′, 5/6′, 6/7′, 7/8′ and some ‘heavy’ in the 5/6′ and 7/8′. They make great hedges and provide a great look for and edged garden.

B+ B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

Prunus Laurocerasus in B&B

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Considering a Laurel for your next project?

So what do you think? Are these English Laurels right for your project? Share your comments and let us know.

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