Fall Special: B+B Prunus Laurocerasu

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

Special announcement for landscape pros: A beautiful group of Prunus Laurocerasus, (English Laurels) in Ball + Burlap form has arrived at our Colma growing grounds, just in time for planting season.

All the Details | B+B Prunus Laurocerasus

  • 4/5′, 5/6′ + 6/7′ Tall
  • Ball + Burlap Container
  • Limited Supply
  • Attractive Price
  • Available Now

Rewards of a summer dig.

These specimens are the result of an uncommon summer dig. We usually get these Laurels in fall from our partners in Oregon when cooler temperatures and moist soil conditions make them easier to unearth.

They’ve received special handling and care and are ready for installation throughout the Bay Area. If these sound like a great sepcimen for your project, we suggest that you act fast because we have a limited supply on hand.

Big, beautiful and ready for installation.

Our B+B Prunus Laurocerasus sizes include: 4/5′, 5/6′ + 6/7′ tall. These beauties make fantastic hedges and provide a robust green backdrop for other plants or landscape features.

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus 4/5′, 5/6′ + 6/7′ tall are available now | Pacific Nurseries

Great specimen for Bay Area landscapes.

Prunus laurocerasus is also known as Cherry Laurel, Common Laurel and English Laurel. It’s an evergreen species of cherry (Prunus), native to regions in southwestern Asia and southeastern Europe.

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

The fruit is a small cherry that turns black when ripe in early fall | Pacific Nurseries

It’s an evergreen shrub or small to medium-sized tree, growing 16’ to 49’ tall. The leaves are dark green, leathery, shiny, with a finely serrated margin. Flower buds appear in early spring and open in early summer with creamy-white petals and numerous yellowish stamens and a sweet smell. The leaves can also have the scent of almonds when crushed.

The common names of P. laurocerasus refer to the similarity of foliage and appearance to bay laurel (Laurus nobilis).

B+B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

Prunus Laurocerasus is a beautiful evergreen shrub + tree | Pacific Nurseries

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