Lomandra 'Breeze' available from Pacific Nurseries

Lomandra: Up and Coming Plant.

If you have one of those hard to fill spots in your landscape project, consider Lomandra—sometimes called Mat Rush. This great plant is a native of Australia and it is very flexible and resilient plant that grows well in sun or shade. There are many varieties of Lomandra and we often have a number of […]

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2011 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

Spring 2011 Events

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show.  March 23-27th San Mateo Events Center. Come see the latest ideas from landscapers around the bay area. A good time to get together with friends and evaluate what you like, or don’t, about the different displays. The show is always interesting. Sunset Celebration June 4-5, 2011  80 Willow […]

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Woven Wisteria | Pacific Nurseries

Woven Figs and Wisterias for unusual garden interest.

Looking for some dramatic inspiration or ideas for interesting plants to use in your project? We have some very fun and interesting woven wisterias and figs. There are two sizes, King and Queen. The wisteria come in white or double purple. The woven edible figs are a ‘California’ mix of ‘Brown Turkey’, ‘Black Mission’, ‘Conadria’, ‘Excel’ […]

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B+ B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

Prunus Laurocerasus in B&B

Just in from Oregon: English Laurels (Prunus Laurocerasus) in Balled & Burlap, ready for Spring planting. Big, beautiful and ready for installation. We have many sizes to choose from including: 3/4′, 4/5′, 5/6′, 6/7′, 7/8′ and some ‘heavy’ in the 5/6′ and 7/8′. They make great hedges and provide a great look for and edged garden. […]

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Fall bedding plants | Pacific Nurseries

Fall bedding plants & bulb season is coming up

It hardly seems possible, but get ready for Fall. In San Francisco that means nicer weather, less tourists, city festivals and Fall bedding & bulb time. Favorite Fall bulbs for a blooming Spring. Some tried and true bulbs are the Narcissus and Daffodils. But we can also get you allium bulbs, for some drama in […]

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Brooks Park Community Garden

Brooks Park Community Garden

Brooks Park is a passionate mix of gardening, community, art and beautiful views. The park has a long interesting history that you can read on their website. Ingredients for a great garden: People and Passion. Two people are at the heart of organizing and doing much of the work for the park. One is our friend John Herbert, owner […]

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San Francsisco Community Gardens

New Community Gardens

There are great community gardens throughout the Bay Area filled with passionate gardeners and amazing plants. We thought you might consider a few worth visiting that we found especially interesting. Benches Garden | Portrero Hill. “The Benches Garden”is located at the corner of 18th Street and San Bruno on Portero Hill. Our friend Joe Treinen, […]

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SF Flower & Garden Show | 2010

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show March 24-28th

The 2010 SF Flower and Garden Show starts on March 24 thru 28th. The show is at the San Mateo Events Center in San Mateo. Here is a great opportunity to see ideas for your customers, talk to other landscapers and expand your plant knowledge. I’ve always liked to roam around the show, talking with […]

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Special plants are our specialty at Pacific Nurseries

Finding a special plant

Many of you know that we don’t have room here at pacific Nurseries to hold every plant that you would like to use in your landscape or gardening jobs. But don’t let that stop you, let us look for the plant you need. We have many sources from So. California to the Bay Area, Central Valley […]

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Pacific Nurseries Website + Blog

Join the conversation

For over 140 years, Pacific Nurseries has provided Bay area landscape professionals with the plants, expertise and experience to help them succeed. As we continue to invest in technologies and services that enhance and improve our customer’s experience, we’re now engaging with our community in a transparent, respectful and ongoing conversation (more…)

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Light brown Apple Moth

Small inscect. Big effects.

No one knows how long the Light brown Apple Moth (Epiphyas postvittana, often abbreviated to LBAM) has been present in California, though widespread confirmed insect captures have been found across much of the coastal region of the state. Aerial spraying controversy. After the moth was confirmed for the first time by DNA testing to be […]

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Pacific Nurseries now has over 36 acres of plants

3 locations, 1 priority. Our customers.

To ensure that you always have the largest selection of plants with immediate availability, Pacific Nurseries has dramatically increased their plant growing capacity. With the addition of new facilities in San Martin and Stockton, we now have three Bay area growing grounds. And while we’ve made these important additions, we’ve also expanded our growing capacity […]

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