Not the same old foggy thing at King Island Growers.

In Stockton, CA, King Island Growers is the Tree & Shrub Growing Grounds for Pacific Nurseries.

Here, we have a very large variety of trees and shrubs that do well in the warm Summer weather of the Central Valley. For those of you that have never been there, this climate is dramatically different than the frequent fog and marine air that is prevalent at our Colma Growing Grounds.

If  you are looking for a special specimen or plant size that we don’t have in Colma, chances are we just might have it on hand in Stockton at our King Island facility.

Gingko 'Saratoga' available at Pacific Nurseries

Gingko 'Saratoga'

And if don’t have it there, more than likely, one of our suppliers in our plant grower network will. Just ask one of our representatives and we can check on availability and pricing for any plant and size that your project requires.

A few of these images that I snapped at our King Island facility show some of the wide selection of specimens that we have on hand. We have acres and acres more to choose from. Let us know what you think.


25 Gallon Acer palmatum, ‘Inabe Shidare’ available at Pacific Nurseries

Acer palmatum, ‘Inabe Shidare’