Get a Free Poinsettia with your next plant order.

Get a Free Poinsettia with a plant order | Pacific Nurseries

Spread some holiday cheer!

Is there a better plant to get you in the holiday spirit than the Poinsettia? These great seasonal plants create colorful and festive holiday displays in the home or when used in a landscape installation. Their vibrant color and unique form provide all of us with a reminder of what makes this time of year special.

Free holiday color with your next plant order.

If you place an order with Pacific Nurseries before Dec 20, 2013 we’ll include a FREE Poinsetta, ready for display indoors or to install in your landscape project. It’s our way of spreading some holiday cheer and giving thanks to all of our great customers and friends.

To pick up your free Poinsettia, just come by our Colma Sales Office and meet these criteria:

  • Place any size plant order
  • Place your order before December 20, 2013 in person or online
  • Pick up you plant order in person
  • Have your Pacific Nurseries account in good standing
  • 1 Poinsettia per customer

Order soon as this is a special, limited-time offer. It’s first come, first serve until we run out of these seasonal beauties.

Beauty that’s not poisonous.

Contrary to popular belief, Poinsettias are non-poisonous and non-toxic. However, some people may be sensitive to the latex in poinsettia sap. In the proper environment, with proper care, Poinsettias may stay colorful for many months and can retain their color until Spring if they are not exposed to freezing temperatures.

Free Poinsettia | Pacific Nurseries

Get in the holiday spirit with a free Poinsettia from Pacific Nurseries!

The distinctive, colorful part of the poinsettia are the petal-like leaves called bracts. Poinsettia cultivars come in many different colors and shapes and the bract color varies from red to pink, and white with marble.

Extend the holiday cheer with proper care and maintenance.

Location |  Plant your poinsettia in an area that receives full sun most of the day. However, keep in mind that to put out flower buds, poinsettias require 14 hours of complete darkness each day for 6 to 8 weeks before flowering. Any interruption to this dark period can delay or prevent the plant from flowering.

Watering & Soil |  Keep the soil moderately moist at all times. Poinsettias grow best in moist, well drained, fertile soils. As long as the soil is well drained, they will grow satisfactorily in a wide range of soils, including sand, muck, marl and clay.

Fertilization | Fertilize your outdoor poinsettias once a month.

Pruning | Prune your poinsettias in early spring after they are finished blooming and the danger of frost has passed. Cut them back to within 12 to 18 inches of the ground. If the plants have been frozen below this point, cut them back to the live wood. Pruning during growing season will produce a compact plant at flowering time.

Wishing you a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.

As we approach the end of 2013, we want to thank all of our customers and partners for all of the support and confidence that you have entrusted with us over the years as your Bay Area wholesale nursery of choice. We look forward to making 2014 even more successful with all of the Landscape Professionals that we serve. Happy Holidays from all of us at Pacific Nurseries!

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