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Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’ | Pacific Nurseries

Consider succulents for low maintenance and low water.

For installations that require low maintenance plants and that are stingy on water needs, nothing could be better or easier than the multifaceted succulents!  With astounding variety of leaf texture and color, these landscape gems provide interest and focal points in the garden. Low maintenance specimens worth consideration. One of my favorites is Echeveria elegans, […]

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Edible plants & herbs | Pacific Nurseries

How to make a garden good enough to eat.

There are many ways to enhance any garden by adding edibles to the plants that you grow. Traditional vegetable patches are often in grid patterns and neat rows. But an edible garden incorporated into your ornamental garden can be free flowing, beautiful and produce incredibly tasty plants to eat. When selecting edibles, think about color, […]

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Lomandra 'Breeze' available from Pacific Nurseries

Lomandra: Up and Coming Plant.

If you have one of those hard to fill spots in your landscape project, consider Lomandra—sometimes called Mat Rush. This great plant is a native of Australia and it is very flexible and resilient plant that grows well in sun or shade. There are many varieties of Lomandra and we often have a number of […]

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B+ B Prunus Laurocerasus | Pacific Nurseries

Prunus Laurocerasus in B&B

Just in from Oregon: English Laurels (Prunus Laurocerasus) in Balled & Burlap, ready for Spring planting. Big, beautiful and ready for installation. We have many sizes to choose from including: 3/4′, 4/5′, 5/6′, 6/7′, 7/8′ and some ‘heavy’ in the 5/6′ and 7/8′. They make great hedges and provide a great look for and edged garden. […]

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